What Online Businesses Can Learn From Celebrities about Brand Management

Posted on June 19, 2013 
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You are probably thinking: What can I possibly learn from celebrities about brand management? What can one learn from following celebrities on the social sites? Where they are having dinner tonight? The hottest spa in Miami? The latest fashion trends straight off the Chanel runway?

Actually, there is more!

Brand management

Do you remember the days when people used to wait for months for a music album to be released? You remember how, back in the days, the only time it was possible to get a glimpse of a celebrity is on TV or in a magazine? Well these days, all of that changed, hasn’t it? Celebrities are now on the social sites and very accessible to their fans via platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

From announcing an upcoming vacation in London to taking a relationship public to announcing the death of a dear one, celebrities share everything on the social sites and followers have real-time and first hand access to photos, videos and tweets from their favorite celebrities.

Did it ever happen to you that someday you log on Twitter and you see a picture of your favorite celebrity and you think to yourself: What was he/she thinking putting up an obscene picture like that? The next day you see the same picture splashed all over the mainstream newspapers. Clearly, when it comes to managing a brand online, there are things that one can learn from the way celebrities manage their social media accounts.

If you are stumped as to what you should manage your brand online, a good place to start is to monitor the social channels of your favorite celebrities. Observe how they bring their social accounts to life, what they share on the social sites, how they connect with people and the mistakes they make.

What Online Businesses can Learn from Celebrities about Brand Management

1. Backstage Access Backstage

One the reasons why fans love following their favorite celebrities on the social sites like Instagram is that they get a glimpse of their inside world: Who they hang out with, where they go on vacation, unseen pictures and videos.

The social sites provide a kind of real-time access to movie stars, athletes and popular singers making them more real, more human and more relatable. The content that fans read and share are coming directly from the people they idolize, not the mainstream media.

The takeaway: In addition to offering coupons and discounts to people who “like” your brand, also give away some insider information about your business on the social sites to make your followers relate to you more. People like to feel connected and in sync with their favorite brands.

2. Stay True to Your Social Image

Justin-TimberlakeJustin Timberlake, who is all set for his upcoming project, The 20/20 Experience World Tour, is pulling the look of his brand on all of his social channels cohesively using a black and white filter throughout every aspect of his social presence.

Lady Gaga is another appropriate example to illustrate the essence of brands staying true to their image. Throughout the social media channels, her message of individuality, language and tone stay authentic.

The takeaway: People on the social sites resonate with authentic and coherent voices. If you are going to use the social channels for marketing, you need to be clear about what your brand stands for: you need to have a defined persona if you want a loyal social community.

3. Be Careful about What You Share on the Social Sites

Justin Bieber is perhaps one of celebrities with the most social media following on Twitter. He is known to manage his own account and for ranting out to his followers,  37 million  of them, leaving them to wonder: “What is going on with him?” Justin Bieber aptly exemplifies the damage online rants can do to a business brand.

The takeaway: Social media mistakes happen all the time. You only have to open today’s newspapers to see examples of this. From the celebrities, businesses can learn how to avoid certain social blunders. If you employ a person to manage your social accounts, make sure that person is trained. Once an inappropriate social message is out there in the open, you can’t always take it back.

In Summary

There is a lot that businesses can learn from celebrities about managing a brand online. The most successful brands observe how people use the social platforms and connect with each other within the platform.

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