How to Use Google+ to Promote Your Product or Service

Posted on November 23, 2011 
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Google+ is the newest social network in town and the fastest growing social network in history. As more and more people come onto Google+, it’ll become more and more important for businesses to be well versed in Google+ marketing strategies. G+ for your business

By learning about Google+ today, you’ll put yourself ahead of the curve. Not only will you be seen as progressive, but you’ll be able to establish your brand long before others have even realized the importance of Google+.

Here’s how to use Google+ to promote your product or service.

Create Meaningful Circle Segments
Perhaps the most valuable thing Google+ offers that Facebook doesn’t is the ability to sort your market by different segments. Using Google+’s circles, you’ll be able to choose exactly who gets to see what messages.

Create Meaningful Circle SegmentsSo how should you segment your customers?

Ideally, you should create a different circle and therefore a different segment for each different kind of “mindset” of customer that you have.

For example, you might have one circle for people who’ve bought your product, one circle for people who haven’t bought yet, one circle for people who’re affiliates of your product and one circle for people who’ve entered into a contest but didn’t win.

Each of these people might respond to different messages. For example, offering customer-only discounts to your past buyers could be a stellar strategy to get repeat buys. On the other hand, with people who haven’t bought yet, you might want to provide primarily trust building content.

Take Advantage of Google+’s Posting Features

Google+’s Posting Features

One thing that’s inherently different about Google+ than Facebook is the length and style of your posts.

On Facebook, you can only post 420 characters in a status update. That really puts a limit on what you can post. Essentially, you can only post short thoughts, short content and links.

On Google+ however, the limit is well over 2,000 characters. (There’s no set limit yet.) In addition, you can link to several videos, links and pictures within your post.

That means that unlike Facebook, on Google+ you can post entire pieces of content for your network to see. You can use Google+ as a direct way to publish useful information to your circles without having to refer people to an outside link.

Use this feature liberally. If you want to build a brand as an expert, Google+ offers a much more suited style than Facebook does.

Take Advantage of Hangouts

HangouTake Advantage of Hangoutsts are Google+’s impromptu video sessions. It’s also the first major free video conferencing software.

Google+ hangouts really changes the game when it comes to interactive marketing. Instead of having to schedule webinars or teleseminars, you can easily just host an on-the-spot video lesson, without or without notice.

Here are a few ways you can use Google+ hangouts to promote your business:
•    Teach a class. Use the video conference to teach a class and let your students ask questions on video or chat.
•    Discuss videos on YouTube. Google+ hangouts allow you to share a YouTube screen, so you can easily watch educational videos and talk about them.
•    Host a Q&A. If your audience has questions, you can answer them.
•    Have a spontaneous meetup. Do unannounced hangouts so people who’re lucky enough to be online can get to know you.

These are just a few potential ways you can use the new Google+ hangouts.

Using the Google+ Widgets

Using the Google+ WidgetsThere are quite a number of Google+ widgets you can place on your website.

You can place a widget to have someone add you to their circles. You can place a widget that publishes your Google+ stats. You can even place a widget that grabs a feed from your Google+ posts.

Integrating a Google+ widget onto your existing website will allow you to get more traffic from your website to your Google+ account. This in turn will allow you to promote to that viewer over a long period of time, rather than just having them come to your website and then leave.

These are a few of the many ways you can use Google+ to promote your business. Though this social network is still young, it has many competitive features that make it an ideal marketing arena for serious business people.

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