Top 10 Tips to Tweet your way to 1000’s of Followers

Posted on November 21, 2011 
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If getting Twitter followers seems like a mystery to you, read this article carefully. Tweet your way to 1000s of Followers

Getting Twitter to work for you is just like getting anything else in business to work: You need to first figure out a good system that works for you by testing a number of different things, then implement that system regularly.

Here are ten different ways you can increase your Twitter followers. Some of these might work for you, some might not. The only way to know is to try.

1. Springboard Your Followers With Existing Platforms

Springboard your followersDo you have a blog, an email list or an active Facebook page? If so, springboard your Twitter follower base by posting something about your Twitter feed on your existing platforms.

Make sure you place a “tweet” icon or “follow” icon on each and every page of your website.

2. Give Away Valuable Content

Content is the keyThe #1 thing people want on Twitter is valuable content. All the other marketing tactics really won’t matter if you don’t have valuable content being published on a regular basis.
Write your tweets as if you were writing a direct short message to your target audience. Make sure it’s packed with juicy tidbits or links to valuable resources.

3. Be As Controversial As Possible

Take on controversial topics. Explore the other side of the argument. Make statements that get people riled up.
While you might alienate some people by being controversial, you’ll also get a lot more exposure. Exposure means more followers.

The people who end up following you and becoming your fans are the people you’d want to attract anyway.

4. Retweet All the Time

Please RetweetRetweeting is a win/win for everyone involved. The person you’re retweeting will be ecstatic that you helped spread their message. Your followers will be exposed to new content that you like. And you’ll get more followers, as well as the goodwill of fellow tweeters.

5. Follow a Lot of People

Twitter Followers

Most active Twitter users watch their followers very closely. If you follow someone, there’s a very good chance they’ll follow you back.

In other words, if you want to get 300 additional followers, one of the fastest ways to do that is to simply follow 500 people.

6. Tweet Often, Many Times a Day

Tweet oftenTwitter is a medium where you can literally tweet every 15 minutes and not burn out your audience. In fact, that’s the way Twitter is meant to be used.

Tweet often to keep your posts on top on your reader’s Twitter feed. If you don’t update often enough, your Twitter feed will get stale.

7. Use Twitter to Rank in Social Media

You can use Twitter to help you gain rankings on sites like Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon. If you get ranked, you’ll get more visitors, which means more followers.

How do you do this? It’s easy: Just ask your followers to go to the post and click upvote.

8. Write Detailed Posts Every Once in a While

Short and snappy posts tend to be the core of Twitter. But every once in a while, make sure you use all 140 characters and stuff as much useful content in there as you can.

9. Tweet in High Traffic TimesTweet in High Traffic Times

What are the best times to tweet? Look through other people’s feeds and your own retweet history to see when people tend to be most active in your industry and location.

Make sure that you’re tweeting during those times of day, even if you have to use third party services to schedule your tweets. This will help get you maximum exposure per tweet.

10. Do Favors for Other Tweeters

There are many ways you can help other tweeters out. You can retweet their stuff, you can refer followers, you can repost their content, you can publically recommend them.

Doing people favors will help you get favors in return when you’re doing a promotional push. Start building your favor bank early, before you even need it.

These are ten powerful ways to increase your Twitter followers. Use a combination of these tactics to build your own follower-building strategy.

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