The Top 6 Tips for Tweeting at Live Conferences and Conventions

Posted on July 23, 2013 
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Conferences and other live industry events such as conventions and tradeshows have always been incredible marketing opportunities for businesses.  They are perfect venues for networking and lead generation. In recent years, the rise of the social networks, in particular Twitter, has added a new dimension to networking. With Twitter, marketers can now connect with countless other attendees. This is made possible by live tweeting.


Live tweeting is an art in itself. It should not be taken lightly for it is not a networking opportunity without pitfalls. There are hazards and to ensure that knowingly or unknowingly you don’t commit Twitter blunders, below are some things worth considering for tweeting at live conferences and conventions.

Best Practices for Tweeting at Tradeshows and Live Conferences

1. Assign the Right People to the Right Jobs

Prior to the actual event, plan who will be in charge of updating your different social accounts including Twitter and who will be tweeting from their own personal accounts. It helps to have at least two people managing the brand’s official Twitter account: one to cover your own booth and the other to cover the informational sessions. This will enable you to build connections and create engagement from multiple vantage points. It will also enable you and your team members to capture unexpected moments as and when they occur; the essence of being omnipresent.

2. Tone it Down a Little about Your Own Booth

Yes, people want to know what’s happening with your booth, where it is and what your giveaways are but too much information too frequent can cause disinterest. Keep tweets about your booth to one or two a day. The last thing you want to do is to monopolize the event’s hashtag stream.

If you don’t have anything interesting going on, don’t attract traffic to your booth. Instead share photos and video of some behind-the-scene action or of people who visit your booth. If you have an interesting giveaway then it’s justified to tweet about it and draw attention to your booth.

3. Engage with the Other Event Attendees

Like you would notice if you follow any event hashtag stream, in any live conference or convention, the bulk of networking and lead generation happens, not at your booth but at the informational sessions. Keynote discussions and presentations are then often tweeted by the event attendees. If you were at the informational sessions, jump into discussions as they take place and feel free to share your expert opinions and thoughts.

4. Retweeting is Allowed

At a live event, you can tweet about what’s happening carefully using your 140-character tweet to give out maximum value and information or you can retweet others. They are basically doing the same thing too. This will save you the hassle of hanging on to every word spoken at the informational sessions, carefully working your tweet and then posting it.

To tap into other people’s tweets, in addition to the official event hashtag stream, prearrange saved searches for speaker names.

5. Share Helpful News and Inside Information

One of the easiest ways to ensure networking success at a live event is to be the resourceful and go-to guy for useful news and inside information. To be that guy, share helpful information, for example, where the Wi-Fi signal is or is not strong or which after-party is going to be the hottest. These tweets, in addition to adding real value, have a high probability of being retweeted. Going one step further, at live events, it is also okay for marketers to talk about their competitors. What’s the harm with fostering some goodwill, eh?

6. Don’t Neglect Your Other Followers

Twitter is a real-time information network. As a brand, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of followers. If you are attending a conference or tradeshow, remember that this is not the case for all your followers. Be considerate towards these folks.

If you are going to essentially cover an industry convention for the next couple of days, your tweets might seem totally out of context for many of your followers who have no idea what’s going on. To deal with this issue, give your Twitter followers a heads-up at the start of each day if you will be live tweeting. Don’t forget to include the official event hashtag in all your live tweets.

In Summary

Live tweeting requires a lot of tact and a correct approach. You don’t want to be THAT guy who over-tweets and is obsessed with his own booth. Keep up with the natural flow of things and if you want your personality to shine, monopolizing the event’s hashtag stream is not the way. Be resourceful in your tweets instead.

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