5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Jump Out of the Crowd

Posted on February 20, 2012 
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Facebook PageSocial media today is crowded. Incredibly crowded. In order for you to stand out, you need to create something truly unique. Something that people will look at and think “wow, that’s special.”

How do you make your Facebook page stand out? How do you make it look different than all the other Facebook pages out there? Here are the five top ways.

1. Claim Your Facebook URL Facebook URL

Having a custom Facebook URL makes your brand look more professional. It’s better for search engine listings, it looks better on marketing materials and it’s easier for people to pass along.

If you have a custom Facebook URL, you’re much more likely to get referenced to on internet forums and blogs as well.

Claiming a Facebook URL takes less than 15 minutes and should be the first step of any Facebook page you’re serious about.

2. High Quality, Custom Page Photograph

Your Photo HereYour page profile photo has a huge impact on your page’s first impression. It’s one of the most prominent graphical areas of the profile page.

Your photo should be crisp, it should stand out and it should appear highly professional. It should be related to your brand in some way, but ideally should be more than just your logo.

If you’re not a professional graphic designer, try to talk to one and have them work up something that’ll really shine.

3. Create a Strong Landing Page

Facebook has what’s called a “Welcome tab,” a page that first time visitors see when they come to your page. This page should be carefully designed to craft a powerful user experience.

Your welcome tab page should clearly communicate what your page or your brand has to offer. It should have a compelling headline that catches attention while the rest of the body copy should try and get them to “Like” the page.

The welcome page needs to serve two functions: Presenting a strong brand image for your company, and getting people to like your page.

4. Have a Reveal Tab Reveal-Like

A reveal tab is a special page that’s only revealed once someone “likes” your page. As a marketing tool, this is dynamite.

The reveal tab technology allows you to hide the best parts of your content and instead use it as a “dangler.” In exchange for the content, Facebook users have to first like your page.

If you have videos, audio downloads or PDF downloads that users would want, these are perfect to use as danglers. Having these bonuses will drastically increase the power of your welcome tab.

In your welcome tab, you can sell the content that’s in your reveal tab. This is perhaps the most effective known method for getting a high visitor to “like” ratio.

5. Have a Strong Personal Timeline

Facebook TimelineFacebook’s “timeline” feature gives personal Facebook users unprecedented power over how their Facebook page looks. You can now give your Facebook profile just about any look you want, with complete control over what’s essentially a header image.

It’s true that your Facebook page and your personal Facebook profile are two separate things. That said, people will often check out your profile if you’re administering the Facebook page.

Having your own personal timeline in order can be a great way to improve your business’ brand and add to your page’s message. Make sure that you don’t have anything you’d want to hide from the public and make your profile visible. Then make sure your timeline puts your best foot forward.

These are five different ways to really stand out from the crowd. Though there are more and more pages popping up every day, only a handful are doing it right. Do it right by following these tips and your customers will notice.

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