The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Social Business Strategy Isn’t Working

Posted on April 22, 2013 
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Often when you ask people about their social media strategy, the response you get sounds roughly as follow, “Oh, we are so on top of this thing. We are on Facebook and Twitter. We have a couple of YouTube videos and they’ve raked in a few hundred likes. We are planning to join LinkedIn and Pinterest soon. Google+ did not really work for us”.

But here is the kicker!

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This is not a social strategy. This is merely a list of social media tactics. Having a Facebook page means nothing. Just about anyone can create a Facebook page. What matters is what you do with the page. You see, having a Facebook page is a lot like having an iPhone 5. It’s an incredible tool but it needs a purpose. How are you using your Facebook page to meet the expectations of your fans? How is your presence on Facebook benefiting your overall social media objectives?

According to Forrester’s latest report, social tactics are not significant sales drivers. Statistically, less than 1% buyers are visitors redirected from the social sites. One possible explanation for this could be that social media aids the buying process in an indirect way that cannot be accurately evaluated. A second explanation would be that most corporate social strategies are simply not good enough.

If your social business strategy is not working, you could be doing one of three things wrong. Equally possible, you could be doing everything wrong. Let’s find out.

3 Reasons Why Your Corporate Social Strategy is not Working

1. You are Creating Updates, Not Content

content is kingThe social sites are platforms where you can connect with your current customers and attract new ones as well. Every update you post on Facebook or Twitter should have a definite purpose and contain the hallmarks of valuable content. In this way, you are not simply announcing what you are up to on the social sites, you are creating content with a specific objective.

On the social sites, a good update should contain the following elements:

– An objective: After all, what you need is either engagement or click-throughs. Decide which one you want to focus on.

– Headline: This should be an emotional trigger and eye-catching.

– Description: The description of an update should be a testimony to your copywriting skills. The goal is to get your fans and followers to take a specific action.

– Image: Last but not least, an update should contain an appropriate image. It need not be too explicit but it does need to be emotionally stimulating.

A good way to come up with attention-grabbing updates is to dig into the psychology of your fans and use your copywriting skills to tap on their emotional triggers. This will drive them to engage. At the end of the day, the whole point of being on the social sites is to increase the reach and impact of your brand. This can be achieved if you do more of what your prospects like and less of what they don’t. It all comes down to engagement, engagement and engagement.

2. You are Pursuing Followers, Instead You Should Focus on Assets

 If you hope to drive sales through social media, you need to gain more than followers. You need to gain assets. For instance, having a good rapport with other brands and the big kahunas of your niche are assets. Though these, you can increase your number of followers as well as awareness of your brand. The social sites are invaluable platforms to freely share your messages and instantly reach the influential people in your community.

3. Invest in Campaigns Not Launches creating campaigns

 If you are launching a new product or you are planning to have a sale soon, don’t wait for the opening day to market the event. Increase engagement by creating a campaign beforehand. People don’t respond to “Buy Now” anymore. By teasing your audience and hinting at an upcoming event or promotion, you can increase sales.

To drive even more sales, you could potentially find other people in your niche to partner up and cross-promote. This helps the distribution of content to a greater audience. Contests can also go a long way in building engagement and excitement.

In Summary

Ultimately social media is not about reinventing the wheel. The key to social media success is to use what worked for you for years and use the social sites to further distribute those messages. The social site spread messages farther, quicker and more effectively.

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