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Posted on February 5, 2015 
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Launched on October 06, 2010 and named iPhone App of the Year by Apple the following year on December 09, 2011, after 4 short years, Instagram announced in December that it is now a global community of more than 300 million users sharing over 70 million photos and videos each day. From the beginning, as a photo-sharing and video-sharing social service, Instagram has been focused on 2 things: simplicity and inspiring creativity.


As Instagram grows bigger, it remains a fast, beautiful and most importantly a fun-filled way for people to share their lives with friends and followers. For businesses and brands, the large and growing audience on Instagram is a compelling reason to join the service. It’s additionally a beautiful platform for storytelling and to share engaging content.

But what happens if you join the service and after amassing a few dozen followers, your account’s growth rate slows down and eventually stops. If you have, give or take, a total of 100 followers, your images will get maybe a dozen likes at most. It’s not significant enough to gain any traction.

The key to a successful Instagram account then would be to learn absolutely everything there is to know how the social service, in particular things like what causes Instagramers to like images, what makes them become followers and how to increase the visibility and impact of your images. So let’s discuss the science of Instagram and how to get more followers and likes on the service.

1. Connect your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Accounts

Perhaps the easiest way to grow your Instagram account is to connect it to your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts so that any content you post on the photo-sharing service also gets posted across the other social platforms. This increases the reach and impact of your brand as friends and followers noticing your captivating imagery and rich visual storytelling will, most probably, start following you on Instagram as well. Note that if you choose to connect your social accounts, there is no rule against posting a status asking your friends and followers to follow you on Instagram as well.

2. Use Popular Tags

The most used hashtags on Instagram are as follows:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #me
  4. #tbt
  5. #cute
  6. #photooftheday
  7. #instamood
  8. #iphonesia
  9. #picoftheday
  10. #igers

Followed by:

  1. #girl
  2. #tweegram
  3. #beautiful
  4. #instadaily
  5. #summer
  6. #instagramhub
  7. #follow
  8. #iphoneonly
  9. #igdaily
  10. #bestoftheday

Like is the case on Twitter and a few other social networking services, using the right hashtags with your images and videos on Instagram is a great way to find new followers. The key is to be as specific and relevant as possible to help you connect with other like-minded people. After tagging your content, take a moment to look at pictures and videos other people shared using the same tags. You may come across some popular hashtags you hadn’t thought of originally.

3. About Your Imagery & Visual Storytelling

The challenge when it comes to using Instagram for business is fitting the service into your overall brand marketing strategy and using the right image tools.

  • Start with clear goals
  • Choose a theme to tell your story
  • Keep your storytelling authentic and convey it through captivating imagery
  • Subsequent posts should follow the original theme and stay consistent over time
  • Produce well-crafted, rich and high quality images and videos
  • Instagramers prefer some filters to others. The top 5 filters are as follows: Normal, Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe and Rise
  • Some images and videos get more engagement than others. In particular, Instagramers appreciate lifestyle and personal images
  • Combined images get more likes and comments. These images are easy to create with apps like Diptic

4. Interaction among Instagramers

And finally, to get more followers and likes on this photo-sharing and video-sharing service, you need to understand interaction on Instagram. Instagramers, for instance, prefer commenting to liking. If you want your images and videos to get more likes or comments, you need to be active and interact with other users. And although people sooner “like” things than comment on them, if you take the time to comment on someone else’s video or imagery, chances are, they will head to your profile and start liking and commenting on things too. Additionally, you might get a new follower. In essence, engaging with other people’s content generates more followers, likes and comments for you.

Another important consideration is timing. The best time to post on Instagram is between 2 and 3 p.m. although videos get more engagement between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. The reason for this may lie in the fact that people will most probably look at pictures while at work or otherwise engaged but will only check out videos at night.

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