The Perfect Example of How to Respond to Negative Comments on Social Media Platforms

Posted on October 29, 2012 
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On October 8, 2012 a Facebook user by the name of Richard Neill posted a rant about how a particular company has lied to him for many years. The rant was directed at a company called Bodyform which is a company in the UK that sells sanitary napkins and feminine hygiene products. His rant is quite funny and entertaining, so much so that it actually generated a response from Bodyform that is even more funny and entertaining.

Here is a copy of Richard Neill’s Facebook rant:

Richard Neill Facebook Bodyform Comment

At the time of this writing, the Facebook post has received 97,806 likes and 4478 comments. There’s no telling how many times it has been re-tweeted or shared via other social media sites. I don’t know whether the Facebook rant was someone just trying to be funny (which it was in my opinion) or if Richard Neill has a legitimate beef with Bodyform but if someone posts a rant about a particular company, that company has a few options.

One option is that they could simply ignore it. Another option is that the company could post a nice comment apologizing to the person who has an issue and gently defending their company. Or there is option three which is to create a video response that may be the best response to any social media rant in the history of the Internet. Bodyform chose option number three.

Bodyform’s Video Response to Richard’s Rant

Bodyform’s response to Richard Neill’s Facebook rant was to create a video response and post it on YouTube. They didn’t just have some company spokesman or talking head try to smooth things over. Instead, they created a very funny video with excellent production value. They must have spent some money on this video response. It looks like they hired an actress, a professional camera crew, a script writer, and really went all out with a high-quality video response.

In the video, an attractive British woman, who is supposedly the CEO of Bodyform, starts by pouring herself a glass of that blue liquid and addressing Richard with a nice hello. She says that they have read his Facebook page and it’s time to come clean. “We lied to you Richard, and I want to say sorry… Sorry.” She goes on to explain how the events portrayed in their ads are not a factual representation of events and are in fact metaphors, but she delivers her lines in a straight, deadpan way that is incredibly funny and entertaining.

In my opinion, this video response was pure genius. If the company had simply ignored the rant or responded by making a comment on Richard Neill’s Facebook post, it really wouldn’t have done anything for them.

However, by creating a high quality and very entertaining video response the company is generating a great deal of publicity for themselves and getting a lot of visitors to their website.

The video response was posted on YouTube and also on the Bodyform Facebook page. On the Bodyform Facebook page that responded to Neill’s rant there are currently 8705 likes and 4566 shares. The YouTube video itself has 13,417 likes and has been viewed 2,865,009 times at the time of this writing. 2.8 million views in 2 weeks is a lot of exposure for a company. Pure genius.

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