The New Video Marketing: Using Social Tools with Video

Posted on June 27, 2012 
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The world of video marketing has changed many times – And now, it’s changing again. When video marketing first hit the scene as TV marketing, it completely changed the marketing sphere. When internet video hit the web, it changed the landscape of the web entirely. Then user generated videos grew in popularity and spawned YouTube, again drastically altering the texture of the web.

Today, we’re seeing a new change: The social video marketing change. Instead of videos just being published from one person and being syndicated out, the video sphere is getting more and more social.

Business owners still haven’t entirely caught on to this new trend. For marketers who’re willing to pioneer new frontiers, social video marketing is an incredible new horizon that can allow you to get a real edge over your competitors.

Videos as Co-Creations, Rather Than Productions video-button

Companies like Zappos, Google and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of startups and medium sized businesses are catching on. The name of the game is co-creation rather than production. Instead of having the video experience be created only by the parent company, participants are now part of the video creation process.

Here’s how it works.

Usually, you start off with one key concept. For example, you ask people to send in their videos as part of a contest. All the videos sent in can be seen by everyone. People are able to comment and share each video. At the end of the contest, all the top videos are put together in a montage and published for all to see.

That’s how Google created their Gmail video. The result? Tons of viral press.

The basic formula is to come up with an idea, then let people add videos or put their own spin to the video concept. They then share the video(s) with their own social network, which then perpetuates the video sharing.

Combine Content with Community

share-content-with-communityThe key here is that you can use videos as a community builder, rather than just as a method of putting out content. Of course, you want your content to be top notch – And one of the best ways to do that is to involve and strengthen your community.

When you put out content and involve your community in the creation process, you strengthen your bonds. You let your community know that you’re serious about reaching out to them.

Each video allows you to spark a new discussion with your community. Not only do you begin talking to your people, but they begin to talk to one another. Connections form, partnerships form and eventually a community that supports one another arises.

Social Video Marketing Mindsets for Success mindset-for-success

There are a few mindsets you need to adopt if you’re going to do social video marketing well.

  • Money comes second. First and foremost, the goal of your videos should be to facilitate discussions and build your community. Yes, you do run a business – But when it comes to the social sphere, money has to come second.
  • Focus on real connections. Instead of increasing views and traffic numbers, focus on connecting with your participants one on one. That’s what gets more people to share videos and gets more people participating.
  • Make your conversations two-way. Don’t just expect people to send in their videos or participate in the video creation process if you aren’t responding to their questions.
  • Quality over quantity. A lot of people get hung up about the number of submissions, votes or videos they get. The idea is to get quality not quantity. Just a handful of participants who are dedicated to your brand is often better than having a hundred submissions of half-baked quality.
  • Community, community, community. A community that stands behind you is one of the most powerful things you could build as a business and as a marketer. Social video marketing allows you to build this community. Nourish it and don’t take it for granted.

If you’re still approaching online videos from a top-down approach, it’s time to change it up. Harness the power of the social web by inviting your users to participate in the video creation and marketing process. You’ll build more community and chances are, your videos will be higher quality.

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