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Posted on May 19, 2009 
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With the advent & expansion of the Internet, more & more businesses are exploring online territories. As businesses are booming online, a new trend has emerged which is giving the traditional form of marketing a tough time. The varying needs & the diverse target audience has lead to the evolution of a variety of social medias.

First, let us see what a Social Media is? A definition of this term can be defined in two ways. From a business’s point of view, “a social media is a medium through which it can make available to its target audience information about its products & services, irrespective of the geographical barrier, trying to influence him in such a way, so that he becomes a customer”.
On the other hand, for a client, a social media can have a different connotation altogether. For a buyer a social media gives him a platform to discuss the various options available in front & only after he is convinced about the reputation of the provider would the deal come through.

A social media can also be used in various other ways apart from business, as in building a social network & more. In fact as mentioned earlier, the social media can be classified into three major groups which in turn may have niche subgroups. The three major types of social media are:


Social News websites are communities, which allow its users to submit news, stories, articles, & visual media such as videos & pictures. This can be shared with the other users on the contact list or left for public viewing. Depending on the number of votes that the content gets, the online visibility of the news item, article or media increases in ranking. If your content is good, social news sites act as a catalyst & make it viral.

Social News websites generally function via “The good judgment of the masses” theory. Individuals or a group of individuals with diverse points of views are able to as a group establish the value of a content that gets “voted” by the community. The users of the website act as “freelance editors” & influence the online visibility of the content.

reddit-social-maximizer3digg-social-maximizer2yahoo-ask-social-maximizer2A few popular social news sites are: Digg, Yahoo! Buzz, reditt & more.


Now not being restricted to casual networking or the Gen Y’s pastime, social networking has grown big time & evolved into a strong marketing tool for the online business community.

Social networks are web-based services that allow individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system. They can have other users as friends with whom they share certain common interests. It is also possible to view & share each other’s list of resources which has made it such a success.

Usually for a social networking site, the membership is free but however some social networks have premium features, which can be made use of after becoming a paid member.
social-networking-site-2social-networking-site-3social-networking-site-1A few examples of Social Networking Sites are Facebook, My Space, Orkut. A few professional social networks are Twitter, Linkedin etc.


With social bookmarking you can store, organize & manage your bookmarks for social viewing, although the level of sharing can be customized as per the user’s comfort levels, you can share your bookmarks with your specific, defined group of acquaintances or the same can be shared with a network, with the lever of privacy in your hands. The user can also customize the bookmark viewing by grouping them as per the calendar (read date), categories or even by search engine.

Social bookmarking sites are increasingly becoming very popular & you can definitely use them to promote your site. In addition, because of the tag specifications for each link, not only you but also the other netizens can use them to search links of a similar nature. If people enjoy your content, they might bookmark it, thereby increasing the probability that others will also come across it.
stumble-upon-social-maximizer2delicious-social-maximizer3Some of the prominent social bookmarking sites are delicious, stumbleupon etc.

Now having seen the different kinds of social media websites, we see that they are nothing but a medium which relate the humans to the organizations. The social media inculcates the “desire” to share content, thereby making a popular blog pot, article or a website a User Generated Content. For a Social media the active participation of the user is highly important as only & only because of a user-participation would any form of Social Media be eligible to become a social media. Thus a constant, judicious & timely use of all the forms of social media along with good content can help push any content to the top.

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