4 Basic Reasons Why You Should Bookmark Your Site

Posted on May 19, 2009 
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You come across an interesting website at home and bookmark it on your browser for future reference. However, when you get to office, you realize that you’d like to share the link with some of your colleagues. Now, only if you could remember the URL! This is just one of the many scenarios that led to the development of online bookmark sites and to the evolution of social bookmarking sites.

For all those who are addicted to the Internet & have that undying quest for information & find it difficult to manage their database, Social Bookmarking is the answer, an apt tool for storing different sources of information in one place.


The Internet has always been the playground to do great businesses. With the entry of Social Bookmarking, things have just got better. You see a diverse group of individuals coming on to the same platform to bond and share their views.

· Organizing Sites – Almost every day you come across some sites you want to bookmark for future reference. However, if you keep bookmarking all these sites, you are going to have such a large number of sites in your bookmark that you will never be able to find the right one when required. This is where social bookmarking comes in. In a social bookmarking site, you can not only bookmark different sites but you can also organize the bookmarks according to different tags, folders or categories. Whenever you need any information on a topic, you can simply open the topic folder or go to the topic category & choose from the list of bookmarks listed under it.

· Easy Accessibility – A very important advantage of using any form of social medium is accessibility. The same accessibility is Social Bookmarking’s USP also. You can access these Social Bookmarking sites from your home, office, friend’s PC or even from your phone. It has changed the way searches are made on the Internet. You no longer to go to search engines every time you need to search something. For example, John is an avid car enthusiast and Peter; a layman wants to know more about cars. Instead of searching on the net, all he needs to do is run through John’s bookmarks and he will get to know a lot about cars.

· sb-advantages-11Sharing – You can share your favorite sites with your friends by making your bookmarks public. In fact you have the lever of privacy in your hands & can decide how is supposed to view your bookmarks & who is not. You no longer have to call, text or email your friends to tell them about this great site you just discovered. You simply have to bookmark the site & share the bookmark with them.

· Promoting Your Site – Social Bookmark is very helpful in promoting your website & getting traffic. You also get direct access the traffic coming to these social bookmarking sites by just bookmarking your site with them.sb-advantages-21 If your content is good your site bookmark will be shared or voted by more & more people. As the popularity of your site increase the traffic to your site will increase as well. This way half the job is already done & you can spend your time on improving your conversion rather than on getting traffic.

Social Bookmarking is the thing to do if you want to leave your competition behind & be the leader in your field!
Just think of Social Bookmarking as another form of ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity. Start on your Social Bookmarking now & don’t lose out on all the traffic that can come to you!

If you feel we have missed out on any points please feel free to share your views in the comment section below.


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