Pinterest Marketing 101: A Basic Guide to Marketing

Posted on June 18, 2012 
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Pinterest is a seemingly new social network that has actually already surpassed LinkedIn in raw traffic. It’s young, but it’s got a lot of traffic. What’s more, a lot of the traffic on Pinterest actually buys. Data shows that visitors from Pinterest who visit a commercial site are twice as likely to buy than visitors who clicked a link from Facebook.

So how do you use Pinterest for marketing?

The Basics: What is Pinterest

The idea of Pinterest is simple. You create a board that revolves around a certain topic. You then “pin” various images to that board. The pin can be from different websites, or it can be an image you upload. You can also add pins using a mobile app. You can take pictures on your iPhone then quickly pin them on a board.

The board and the pins can then be shared with your social network

shared with your social network

Who Uses Pinterest?

pinterest-demographicsAs with most things in the marketing world, understanding your demographics is the key. On Pinterest, 83% of the users in the United States are women. (Source – Wikipedia). That means if you’re using Pinterest, you want to be gearing your marketing towards women, not the general population.

Users of Pinterest tend to be slightly older, between 25 to 44. They could be family oriented women, women who have kids or women who manage a household. Because Pinterest is an inherently social tool, the women who use Pinterest tend to have strong social ties.

It’s important to note that 75% of purchase decisions are made by women. Pinterest allows you to get to the real decision makers very quickly.

Note that although historically Pinterest has been primarily female driven, this may not always be the case. Men and male interests have taken an interest in Pinterest. For example, a few sports teams have begun to use Pinterest to share their photos.

Pinterest Traffic boost-your-pinterest-traffic

Pinterest’s traffic is enormous. It’s already sending more traffic to other websites than Twitter did. As far as a traffic generation tool goes, Pinterest is quickly climbing the ranks. What makes Pinterest especially appealing to keen marketers is that it has still mostly slipped into the minds of most marketers. People who can figure out how to really utilize Pinterest’s traffic are going to get a very large slice of the pie, because few people are actively competing for it.

Many websites are already showing Pinterest as their top traffic referrer. For example, Martha Stewart’s websites get more traffic from Pinterest than anywhere else. Similar brands that focus on women-centric topics like fashion, cooking, design and so on also show similar trend.

Using Pinterest to Sell

When you’re using Pinterest to make sales, keep a couple things in mind.

First, you can display the price of any item by adding a “$” sign to it in your pins. This is encouraged by Pinterest.

However, Pinterest discourages excessive use of their platform for commercial purposes. In fact, they specifically ask users not to use Pinterest for promoting their own products.

The best way to use Pinterest to drive traffic to a commercial website is to participate in the community and give back. Instead of just pinning all your own items, create a list of pins that has items from a lot of different places. The Pinterest board should be inherently useful. Then if you slip in a pin or two of your own products, nobody will mind.

Things You Need to Know About Using Pinterest

pinterest-logoFirst and foremost, realize that a lot of users will already have pinned your photos. You don’t have to do it yourself. Do a quick search for your domain name to see what’s already up.

Realize that marketing success on Pinterest comes primarily from building a brand, a niche and a follower base. You won’t make it with just a board or two. Instead, become known for putting up interesting pins around a certain topic.

Always put your pins in the right category. Categorizing your pins makes it easier for Pinterest to serve your pins to the right people, giving you more traffic.

Finally, use hashtags to help people find your pins. Hashtags work just like Twitter and can work especially well for leveraging trending traffic.

Are you using Pinterest for marketing yet? If not, you’re missing out on one of the largest traffic sources on the web. If you’re targeting women, you owe it to yourself to be on Pinterest.

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