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Posted on May 18, 2009 
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Directory Maximizer:  A Manual Directory Submission Service, where we submit our client’s websites to Search Engine Friendly Directories, helping them build links to their site with text of their choice, thereby leading to an improvement of their Rankings in the Search Engines and consequently higher traffic as well.

Submissions to Free Directories

The cost per submission out here is 14 cents/submission, subject to a minimum order value of $5. We give you as many as 20 options to vary the text of the links you’d like to receive and also allow you the option of slow submissions.

Submissions to High PageRank Paid Directories

We’ve researched the web and picked out the finest paid directories online and got them at specially discounted prices just for our client’s. Links will be approved within a week’s time and if rejected the amount is refunded. Client’s can also submit inner-pages of their site with this service. Prices start at as low as $4 and go up to $49.95.

Niche Directory Submissions

Niche directories  list only those websites that deal with, or are in some way related to, the specific character or genre of the directory. Travel directories or shopping directories for example, would be niche directories that only list travel and e-commerce  websites respectively.  Use our service to submit your sites to niche directories

submit your sites to niche directories
related to your industry to get guaranteed links with good quality score.

Custom Submissions

Out here, we allow our client’s to submit to directories in their line of business (niche directories) or to any other specific list of directories that they have. On choosing to use this service, their account is customized according to their requirements before they can get started. The price, as for all niche services, is slightly higher here, but is mutually decided upon with the client based on the work to be done.

Article Maximizer: Coming Soon

Links Maximizer: Coming Soon

Use ONE Single Account for all the above-mentioned Services: That’s right! You can just sign up for any of our services and use that same account to access all our other services as well. Also, get the following benefits…

* No hassle of managing multiple accounts and remembering multiple passwords.
* Use one account for all your submissions, both to directories as well as social networks.
* Use MX$ balances (submission credits) for either of the services.
* Get special offers for using more than one service.

So what are you waiting for, if you don’t have an account with us yet, get one right away! Click here.

Click here to get started! Click here to get started!
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