New Social Media Hacks You Can Start Using From Day One

Posted on September 10, 2018 
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Did you know (if you haven’t already experienced it) that managing a social media page can be quite stressful?

Making sure that your social media marketing strategies is actually converting into proper business is pretty damn daunting.

But getting creative and actually creating a fun environment for your community may sound like a great idea until you realize that all your social media pages are just like the others…

And it’s not easy to manage a social media community which has accumulated hard dedicated followers over the years…

But never say no, the impossible can be possible. How?

We’ve put together a list of the most valuable social media marketing hacks which apply to you and you can start taking advantage of it now.

But before we proceed, I’d like to change your definition of a ‘hack’.

You’re probably thinking Oh, it’s a quick fix for my social media page issues but actually it’s not.

Unfortunately, you will still need to work hard at it. Because you can’t fix a broken social media marketing campaign.

But these tips will help bring the best out of your strategy so that you are geared for success in the long run.

A good number of these hacks will be decent tips with valid ideas to move you forward on your social media marketing campaigns.

Most definitely each tip will help you make the most of what you currently have to dominate the desired platform of your choice. So without further adieu, let’s crack on with these amazing tips.

Here are the hacks…

#1. Don’t Just Follow. Share Also.

I’ve noticed this happen so many times. It’s only natural for small businesses and enterprises to follow credible profiles on social media to keep themselves abreast of what’s actually happening in their respective industry.

It really makes sense because when thinking about it, if you don’t have too much of a physical presence on both Facebook or Instagram, then you have to do a bit of outreach to attract followers.

In hindsight, this approach can work if it’s done properly. Let’s say that you follow Airbnb as they are in your industry.

If you wanted to reach out, all you had to do is scroll down to the likes and comments on any of their pictures and begin by interacting with these people.


Follow these people who have commented, like and comment on their posts…

But don’t expect immediate results as building up a group or community of dedicated followers do take time…

One of your biggest hurdles is your competitors… they are probably doing the same thing as well. When this approach was first utilized, there weren’t many businesses who were willing to try it, it was all new to them.

Now, every man and his dog in your industry is checking the comment sections of their followers and spamming that list with messages and invites.

So what’s a better alternative? Easy. Just adjust and change your approach from following to sharing their actual content.

When you share their content it shows that you actually care…



Have a look at the Instagram profile for Coca-Cola. They are able to influence millions of people with one single post. And your a small business owner looking to increase your organic reach.

Give it a think for a split second. Imagine yourself with your social media handles and already have tasted some success…

You haven’t quite got there yet with brand recognition but you’re slowly starting to get there…

Instead of being stagnant and hoping that following your influencers will work, you decide to try something new. And during the process of doing something new, you noticed that there are a few platforms that your followers follow and interact with.

So instead of sitting there, you decide to reach out to these pages and offer them an incentive… usually in the form of a special deal. The deal is, if they promote your content in their post, you promise you’ll do the same.

The best form is guest posts for one another if that suits your followers.

Brian Dean








Such methods which consist of a mutual guest posting relationship may sound easy but that’s where the strength of the influencer brand comes into play.

Usually, the power of word-of-mouth spread across the digital marketing world works a wonder.

Why? Because it’s another page vouching for your product. It’s not as if it’s a brand new page with no organic reach and followers. The question is: Do your followers know that this is a business move between the two of you? Most probably.

But at least it’s being promoted to real audiences and apparently, that’s just something you won’t be able to get anywhere else (for the time being). And obviously, it’s free.

#2. Avoid Posting Boring Content

We’re all victims of posting boring content here. Of which is posting boring content without a single thought.

This has easily become one of my bad habits since 2017. And I think we all need to be better at that, of being able to produce interesting content to engage with our target audience.

If you’re still confused with what I just typed, allow me to write further…

Over the past few years, SME’s, startups and newly formed brands from across the globe have realized the importance of content marketing. And a significant portion of these businesses has been able to understand what it takes to create engaging content with added value.

These upper tier businesses have all made an attempt to create content which falls into the following categories. The content can be interesting, such as Old Spice.


The images really connect with the user visually and it’s straight to the point.

Take a look at Nike also – most of their images are motivational.










I particularly enjoy viewing hashtag posts such as #businesscoaching. Just take a look at that particular hashtag.

Business Coaching




As you can see there are differences between all these Instagram profiles and posts. And each one of these posts has something in common, they all offer compelling content – which is the sole purpose behind these extraordinary posts.

But one little problem. Quite a few of these profiles have short-cutting the process when it comes to spinning and creating high-quality content.

The small minor problem is to do with how the content is being presented to the audience.

Go ahead and take a look at some of the content here over the past few years.. And you’ll soon realize how we have been both writing our content and doing the content marketing at the same time.

Social Maximizer

I enjoy writing. It’s not that I am forcing myself to write that remark but I genuinely do. Apart from conducting research on the topic of the question, it gets done automatically. And I have to be realistic about myself…

My content alone will not attract everyone and keep them engaged and focused throughout the reading. The whole notion behind content marketing (and any other form of digital marketing) is that it’s meant to be enjoyed and digested. And not skimmed.

I could of just as easily smash out a few paragraphs on a few interesting topics but that’s beside the point. The point is to be able to answer answers to most people’s queries.

A valid question to ask is, “How can this content be juicier?”

Instead of writing content just because I can… I could touch upon topics which really engage with you. See, we live in a three-dimensional world and consume content differently. And let’s admit it, not everyone is as patient as both you and I. A quick 3-5 minute read is better than a 15-minute read.

You can see now that’s the reason why I needed to include some visuals in this post.


Take a look at how this blog section has been arranged.

Mondovo covers a variety of topics on SEO and mashes each of the posts with relevant images, making it interesting. Because we all get bored of reading content without any visual guides or interruption.

There’s also an abundance of Youtube videos embedded within some of the blog posts, it’s actually quite entertaining to view.

I do believe that this was created with an intention – and that is to engage with the target audience at all times.

Maester discovered that viewing time on content is enhanced where there are visuals.




The golden ratio of images to text says a lot, doesn’t it?

The take-home message here is that your content needs to have multiple layers. Besides the traditional method of writing the content, part of the challenge is to make your audience consume the content… and by having multiple layers to your content – will make it easier for your audience to relate to.

Make everything interesting – imagery, screenshots, videos, infographics whatever it may be; You need to appeal to the general crowd who may not be as inept as you.

By doing the above suggestions, you essentially cover all ends and meeting the needs of your audience.

#3. Content Curation

What is content curation?

It’s the ability to recycle the content from large format into a small but presentable format. The process is actually quite easy.

Building a brand which everyone recognizes is tough work. It’s certainly not for you if you aren’t going to be putting in the extra effort.

So let’s dive a bit deeper into content curation. Neil Patel explains social media marketing and why it is crucial to understand this point first.

Because this is an ever-evolving industry, the needs of your audience need to be constantly changing due to the higher standards set out by other companies and followers on your social media platforms.

And obviously, we promote content on Twitter! One of the best forms of content curation.

Digital Muscle

The key point is to have content which fits into the above 3 categories of content delivery; entertainment, inspirational or educational. You fit in one of those 3 categories.

Discipline also plays a key role in how successful your social media campaign will pan out to be. Make sure you publish content regularly otherwise you are just a statistic.

I’m already envisioning a few challenges ahead. You may face a tough time creating content for your audience if you’re going to base it off original content.

Obviously, you could hire someone to manage your content but it’s not quite that simple. If your in a competitive sector where things change every minute, you’ll have little resources to work with.

Yet alone the difficulty in creating unique pieces of content weekly or monthly!

So here’s the challenge – how are you going to pump out interesting content on a weekly basis?

Lucky the answer is just around the corner. Just curate the content…

I’m not blowing smoke up your alleyway but that’s the answer. There are a couple of levels on how you can curate the content.

Firstly, you could promote someone’s content on your own social media handles provided that is actually reading the material and you think it could benefit your audience.

Take a look at Adam Connell’s Twitter page where he curates content from other sources.

Adam Connell

He does that to engage with his followers. He doesn’t just retweet someone else’s content for the sake of it.

Because the second level of curation involves a bit more dedication. Just a little bit of hard work.

So what does that look like? The first great hack is to find a series of posts and use them to create one giant informative infographic.

There’s a company called BuySellAds which composes Infographics with a click of a button. All you have to do is input the sources from which to derive the information from.


Matter of fact your infographic could be more popular than the content you previously wrote! We’re all about the engagement levels right?

So that’s the distinct difference between high-quality content curation versus low-quality content – because one converts whilst the other one doesn’t.

So if you’re coming up with low-quality content curation then why bother? They don’t attract anything, not even the closest mosquito.

Focus on high-quality curation only! They will do you wonder in the long run. And whilst we are talking on this subject, I often stumble across the word “evergreen content”.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that is always up to date – much like the evergreen leaves to its tree all year round.

By having evergreen content in your blog posts or as a part of your content curation process you are already meeting the needs of your audience.

By being relevant in your niche, your already a good fit for many categories. You tick multiple boxes and you will not only retain your current followers but grow the number of followers over time.

“X Bits of New Technology in 2014” article that you wrote in the past. It’s no longer relevant.

Consider coming up with an article or Youtube video that’ll always pioneer you to be relevant in your sector. You can then do content curation and promote it on multiple social media platforms.

This will not only increase the chances of it been seen by your active followers but also make sure that your content supersedes those of the previous authors who have touched upon the same topics as you.

The beauty is that you don’t need to content curate every day or every week rather. You can wait for some time first, and then go back and self-curate your previous posts. It’s really that simple.

So let me know down below, what are some of your favorite social media hacks? Let’s try to keep this post relevant shall we?

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Lauren McLaren was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She is working for Digital Muscle as an SEO specialist. She has a team of SEO experts inhouse who love to analyze data. She’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. In her spare time, she loves to read, cook and watch movies.

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