Math Professor + Social Bookmarking = ???

Posted on May 20, 2009 
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Richard, a senior school math professor, is known as a modern day professor by most of his peers as he follows a more unconventional method of teaching. Instead of relying on the regular text books used by every other professor, he would use the Internet extensively to update himself and keep his students abreast about the changing phenomenons in the world of math. He was on every educational institutes’ newsfeed, apart from being amongst the first to be updated by publishers on new updates via email. But this isn’t just it, he also researches the internet on a day-to-day basis for new theories, which if he finds interesting, he has the site added to his desktop’s web browser.

Photography is also one of Richard’s interests, so when not at work he’s also reading up on the latest lens in the market, apart from different photographic techniques, participating in several activity forums, to mention a few. With the desire to share these sites with his like-minded friends in the future, he saves these bookmarks as well on his browser.

social-bookmarking-explainedWith his findings running into hundreds in a few months time, Richard is beginning to realize the need for a more efficient system as with time, it’s only becoming increasingly difficult for him to locate his bookmarks. This apart, every time he steps out of home, he doesn’t have access to his system, so just in case he’s forgotten to email the researched information to his students, sharing his findings becomes an issue.

On one such day, that he’s forgotten to email his previous evenings findings, he discusses this issue with his class. At that time, Andrew tells Professor Richard about this site called, which he uses to manage his bookmarks of gaming sites. Whenever Andrew finds a great gaming website that he’d like to bookmark, he just clicks on the “Tag” button on his browser to add it to his account and enters a few relevant keywords that can help him find this bookmark at a future date. Not only this, since his list is public, he also directs his friends and college mates to it, which they can then find through keywords. being online, also means that Andrew’s bookmarks aren’t just restricted to a single system.

On listening to this information Professor Richard’s heaves a sigh of relief, for he knows that this is exactly what he’s been looking for. He goes back home and spends the next few weeks reorganizing his bookmarks taking them online to for his respective groups.

As you have understood we are talking about Social bookmarking. To summarize, Social bookmarking can very briefly be explained as a method where users of the World Wide Web save, organize, search, manage and share bookmarks of pages on the Internet with the help of tags or in simpler terms, keywords.

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