Local Businesses: Benefits of Posting on Your Facebook Page

Posted on March 5, 2014 
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In this article, we will talk about the benefits local businesses can have by posting on their Facebook page. But before that, let’s address the question: Does it matter? Does it matter if I’m not Starbucks or BMW? You bet it does! Here is why…


While large corporate pages do have more Likes, Comments and Shares, studies have shown that when calculate the engagement per fan (that is, the number of Likes, Comments and Shares that each fan generates), the level is actually higher for local businesses!

What? How? Why? Well…

To begin with, fans are more likely to actually see a post coming from a local business. Why? Because it’s considered to be more relevant and personal (due to the fact that it’s happening in the same neighbourhood). Also, the posts made by local staff tend to be more relevant as they are able to post very specific timely and relevant things or events that are actually occurring in that particular area.

Also, you are more likely to ‘Like’ a picture of a cashier and someone in the neighbourhood you know, than a random ad with 2 people you don’t know.

These “familiar” feelings also explain the higher engagement per fan.

Now that we’ve seen how what you post will actually be seen and have an impact on people, let’s have a look at the actual benefits of posting on your Facebook page.

More Buzz about Your Business Online and Offline

Put simply, if people see you more often, they will talk and hear about you more often. Even if you don’t drink Red Bull as a habit, you’ve heard about it. And if some day you feel like having an energy drink, chances are, Red Bull will be your beverage of choice, even it’s a bit more expensive than its competing products.

People get the “good feel” of “knowing” a product, service or business, even if they don’t really know about it, just because they’ve seen it, heard about it, or see and hear people talk about it.

More Email Subscribers

For large corps who already have a list in place, they usually send out emails to encourage people to connect to them via social networks.

For small businesses, the other way round is more likely to happen. People are more likely to discover you on Facebook than directly stumble on your website.

So basically, if you don’t post, people will neither see your posts, nor your emails. So how about posting more often so that people can discover your website and sign up for your newsletter?

Some of your posts for example can offer hot tips or tricks that they can discover after subscribing.

Increased Visibility in the Search Engines

An actively maintained and updated Facebook page will not only boost the credibility of the page itself, but also of your brand and website.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that more credibility = …. Higher rankings!

And I’m not even touching customer engagement here. If you have that too, you can bet on even higher rankings. And how do you engage customers and potential customers? By posting on your Facebook page!

More Walk-ins

People are more likely to walk in a store that they’ve heard about. And they are actually even more likely to walk in if they know they are going to see people they know there.

This is why you should encourage your staff to be active on your Facebook page. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a large store. Get the people who work there (even if it’s just 1 or 2 people) to be active on the page. This is where business gets comfortable. And comfort builds loyalty and generates natural, passive word-of-mouth advertising.

To Finish

If you’ve been scared of even creating a Facebook page for your business because you were scared that it might not generate as many likes and activity than the big dogs, I hope that this article has shown you that all this fanciness is not necessary in order for your business to actually reap the benefits of social marketing.

So from now onwards, don’t be scared to post something nice or relevant a couple of times a day or more. It will only do your business good.

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