Is Your Backlink Profile too Contrived? Say Hello to Social Media Giveaways

Posted on August 14, 2013 
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Ever since Google launched Penguin updates, website owners are constantly on the lookout for legitimate link building opportunities. Guest blogging has been of great help to many marketers but as a business website owner, you need a diverse backlink portfolio.  If you’ve exhausted all possible link building opportunities for your site, say hello to social media giveaways!


A relatively recent concept, social media giveaway is a link building technique on the rise, being an absolutely fantastic way of generating organic links while encouraging social media engagement and social sharing. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

How to Use Giveaways to Increase Social Engagement and for Organic Link Building

1. Create a Giveaway

giftcardObviously, if you are thinking of using a social media giveaway for the purpose of building SEO links, you first need to decide what it is that you are going to give away. Is it going to be a product or a service? How about a gift card or a promotional voucher? Or better yet, everyone loves cash, right? How about you offer a $50 or $100 VISA gift card?

Once you decide on a giveaway, you will then need to think about 2 things:

a)Your budget

While a giveaway is an incredible way to increase engagement with your audience and also build valuable organic links, you can’t afford to spend money you don’t actually have. Be reasonable about your financial status.

b) A Rafflecopter entry form

The reason you want to create a Rafflecopter entry form is that it is easy to set up. It generates an exportable code that you can easily place on a site. Share this code to promote your giveaway.


2. Find Promoters promote-giveaway

Once you are done setting up your giveaway, the next step is to promote it. The first thing to do is to approach popular bloggers in your industry to see if they would be interested to promote your giveaway on their site. A good place to start would be to scour giveaway inventories. These are literally lists of people who promote giveaways.

Note that some sites might charge you a small fee to promote your giveaway. Assess whether paying for promotion is an economically wise move. For instance, if the site has a high PageRank, links from these sites will be valuable. Remember that the higher the PageRank of a site, the more it may cost you to promote your giveaway on it.

3. Contact the Promoters

contact-promotersWhen you are done researching and narrowing down on the sites you’ve like to use to promote your giveaway, it’s time to contact each one of them. In most cases, you will find a contact form of some kind on the website. At the very least, there will be an email address provided on one of the pages.

When contacting a website owner for the purpose of promoting your giveaway,

– Make sure you mention who is hosting the giveaway and what is being given away

– You need to mention how long the event will last

– If there is a code, as would be the case if you use a Rafflecopter form, include the embed code in the email

– Do not neglect to ask the website owner if there is any payment that needs to be made and if so, to send a valid PayPal address.

Note that if you are charged for promoting your giveaway,make sure you are paying a fair price. Normally, it should cost no more than $35 – $50 for a website with PR3.

4. Wrap up Neatly

Once everything is up and running and payment has been sent, you are ready for some action. If you already have followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook or an email list of loyal customers, send out a newsletter to inform your customers of the giveaway. Also submit the giveaway to directories relevant to your industry.

When the event is over, contact the winners for a valid shipping address. Ideally you should give them a time frame of 72 hours to get back to you with a shipping address. In your email, make sure to inform them that if they fail to respond to your email by the deadline, the prize might go to someone else.

If the winners do respond in time, send the prize out on time. As for the email addresses of the people who participated in the giveaway, download a copy of that and send out a “Thank You” email with a promotional code of some kind to encourage further engagement, At this point, note that a “10% off your next purchase” coupon might receive less of a response than a 20% off discount.

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