iOS 5 Update – The “O Where Art Thou” Reactions!

Posted on October 12, 2011 
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At the time of this writing, the iOS 5 has not launched as yet but it’s been fun following the various reactions over Twitter of people waiting keenly in anticipation for the new update. The launch time is rumoured to be either midnight PDT ( that didn’t happen 🙁 ) or 10 am PDT (The update’s available now! It became available shortly past 10 am PDT).  Will also do a follow up post about reactions post the update, that should also be interesting! (UPDATE: Follow up post is ready – Survey of Reactions to the new iOS 5)

Here are some of the better ones that I found, if you have any suggest them in the comments section below:


Every time a person clicks “Check for Update” in iTunes, the ghost of Steve Jobs delays by one second. Retweet this!
itsguru2u Guru

Dear #Apple, #SteveJobs has left the building. You can release #iOS5 a few minutes early. No one will mind. Sincerely, Hurry Up! Retweet this!

hubuy Hub Uy

The “check for update” button has got to be shouting “stop poking me!!!”… #iOS5 Retweet this!


Zachari Miller Frustrated Waiting for IOS5 Update

Frustrated because I want to download #iOS5 but I need to sleep. If only I could wirelessly download it. Too bad I need #iOS5 for that!   Retweet this!

kaspershow Kasper

The “check for update” button has got to be sick of me by now. Retweet this!

RafAvila Raf Avila

#thatawkwardmoment when every iPhone user worldwide goes into seizure mode pressing the ‘check for update’ button on their iTunes.  Retweet this!

amyflandreau Amy Flandreau

I’m so pissed that I’m such an idiot who stayed up waiting for #iOS5 when it’s not midnight in the entire country yet Retweet this!

MrsNastashia ??Me ??

Apple is gonna make me carry my laptop to work tomorrow..cause I need this update ASAP!! Retweet this!

GeorgiaTiPb Georgia

OMG…Not wanting to update to #iOS5 has pissed some people off like I ate their first born child. What’s up w/ that?
Retweet this!

bandpyro Jessie Waiting for IOS5 Update

Stay up till iOS5 comes out, or go to sleep and not be a dead tired teacher tomorrow? CHOICES CHOICES?!?!? Retweet this!

elzombo Jeffrey

I want to stay up for iOS 5. But then again I want sleep. Retweet this!

ammo_kills Cody

Ok I’m looking for #iOS5 and can’t find anything.. thought I would come to twitter, cause theres always an answer here. lol  Retweet this!

AlexHutchins1 Alex Hutchins

#ironic that bbm has crapped out the night before #ios5 Retweet this!

moldyminttea Miguel P.

i bet #iOS5 is gonna be infected with Steve Job’s ghost. Retweet this!

John C

Current version go away! Retweet this!


Come on America catch up with the UK we are on the 12/10/2011 but can’t have iOS 5 till you catch up!!! #iOS5 Retweet this!

AsimChin Asim ChinAs someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas… I now know what Christmas Eve feels like #iOS5 Retweet this!

Stormchild Jason Sims
Got my popcorn ready for the big wave of disappointment when everyone realizes #iOS5 isn’t coming out at midnight. Retweet this!

So these were some of the ones I found interesting enough to highlight. It’s wonderful to see so much interest and passion about the Apple brand and credit has to be given to the visionary Steve Jobs to have done everything he did to generate this level of excitment and enthusiasm about all his creations.

Find below a twitter stream keeping track of more mentions regarding iOS 5, you might catch a few more interesting ones there.

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