iOS 5 Update – A Survey of the Reactions! Cast your Vote!

Posted on October 12, 2011 
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Following up our earlier post, “O Where Art Thou iOS 5“, where we tracked funny and interesting tweets by people who were eagerly waiting for hours for the update to happen. Now that iOS 5 is officially out, below we have 3 polls to track reactions to the new operating system from download experience to how they find the new OS.

Download Experience

Those who attempted downloading in the first few hours of the release did get updates quite slowly but speeds have picked up since then. There were also issues of not being able to install the OS because of “internal server errors”, “3200” errors and possibly some others but it seemed to be temporary and on second/third attempts it usually worked. It was an inconvenience though.

Overall Satisfaction

As a result of the heavy load on Apple servers, there were quite a few failed installations but on repeated attempts they did get successful.

Best Features

If you have any other comments or reactions to the new iOS5, please post your comments below.

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