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Posted on October 31, 2013 
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The Evolution of Publicity

If someone attempted to define publicity, it would go something like this: Publicity is the deliberate attempt to drive the public perception of a subject in a specific direction, attracting media attention and increasing the reach and impact of a business.


 Before Social Media, Publicity took Several Forms:

– Event sponsorship

– Press conferences

– Polls and surveys

– Invent an award and subsequently give it away

– Ribbon cutting

Admittedly, these remain very successful forms of publicity generation but from a digital marketing perspective, today marketers have many more interactive publicity opportunities that arise in the social media news streams. These include the social media PR venues like Twitter Chats and Google+ Hangouts.

Twitter Chats


Twitter chats are real-time, interactive conversations happening on Twitter at any point in time. They revolve around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows people to follow the discussion and participate in it. Like any traditional talk show or morning show, the conversation has a host, a guest and an audience of attendees.

The Publicity Benefits of Twitter Chats are Multiple.

– Large-scale exposure of your brand to a focused audience

– You build meaningful rapports with influencers of your industry

– Media attention

– You establish authority in your field of expertise

– Real-time feedback from the media and influencers

– You might just be extended an invite to speak or write for a media outlet

The key to gaining influence via Twitter chats is to find the right chats. To that end, look for Twitter chats in the right places.

– Pay attention to chats mentioned by people you follow

– Important chats are often quoted in media publications

– Follow chats curated by others

– You can organize a Twitter chat yourself using Twubs and TweetChat

Hosting a Twitter chat is a networking and promotional tool of considerable power. You promote your social media presence, you get instant feedback and you create a community around your business.

To Host a Twitter Chat:

1. Understand how it works: Participate in a few Twitter chats before.

2. You need a plan: The hashtag is what pulls the whole thing together. Also arrange the day and time.

3. Announce and promote your chat: Use all available media. People will promote an event if you give them rich media.

4. Run the chat: Start with a welcome introduction, announce your chat topic, tweet your own thoughts and ideas, ask questions and so on and so forth.

5. Summarize, archive and analyze: Create transcripts of your tweets. Archive your chat.

Hangouts on Air, by Google

What if there was a way you could broadcast your show live to the world, have a recorded copy of your show automatically up on the world’s most popular video site and take advantage of SEO benefits, using just ONE tool? Well, there is! This is what Hangouts on Air is about.

With just a webcam, a microphone (I wouldn’t rely on the one “integrated” in the webcam), a Google+ account and a broadband connection (or any Internet connection of higher speed, of course), you can do all of the above. Well, you just need to take care of looking and sounding professional; Hangouts on Air takes care of the rest!

The time and money investment are almost nothing when compared to reaching out to actual TV channels to negotiate a broadcast (cost, duration, timing, content, etc.)

Let’s Dive in the Actual Benefits, Shall We?

1. Build Brand Authority

By sharing awesome content with your audience live (content that fits your brand image), you build authority. Authority brings you clients and customers directly.

For example, think of a plumbing company who does a broadcast of how to repair a broken water pipe. In the video, the expert also shows common mistakes that a lot of plumbers make that often lead to leakages in the near future. Doesn’t that show authority? Wouldn’t you pick that particular company over another one that you’ve merely seen an ad about?

That’s what brand authority is about. And when it’s live, it’s even more powerful.

2. You Get to Use the Video Again!

Your broadcasts are automatically recorded and uploaded to YouTube. You can use the video again on your blog or website.

3. Build Professional Relationships with Influential People or Brands

As a company or brand that exudes authority (See #1), influential people are bound to connect with you. This may in turn lead to potential JVs, guest posts, cross-promotions or advertising requests.

A Message to Brands and Small Businesses

We are in 2013. You don’t have to invest a lot or hope that you are lucky enough “picked up” by a journalist or channel to gain exposure. It’s a process that you and your team now have more control on than any time before.

So… Consider using Twitter Chats & Google’s Hangouts on Air soon!

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