How To Use Foursquare To Connect With Your Customers

Posted on October 23, 2013 
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Foursquare at a glance

– Foursquare is a phone app. It is also a website

– It connects businesses to people

– People use Foursquare to find places based on what other people and experts recommend

– They also check in when they visit places and leave behind reviews to help other people

– With tools to help businesses get found online, as a business owner, you can use Foursquare to connect with your customers.

More about Foursquare, the phone app and website


If you are new to Foursquare, the phone app or even the website, there are basically three things that you want to be familiar with.

1. Explore

Currently, approximately 35 million people use Foursquare to find places to go. The way to do this is to use the search bar of the app. You can then access the business listings popular on Foursquare to find information about different places including what people love about these places, the opening hours and photos.

2. Social Map

The Social Map of Foursquare allows people to explore a geographical area. Using the map view you can visualize and click on places that your friends have been to or that industry experts recommend such as the best places to eat or shop nearby.

3. Happening Nearby

At any point in time, Foursquare allows its users to see what’s happening nearby. For example, using the phone app, you can see where your friends checked in recently or which business close to where you are has something special going on.

The best way to discover Foursquare is, of course, to download it and use it.

Foursquare for Business

The primary focus of any business is targeting people and finding customers. Foursquare delivers more of them to you. With Foursquare, you can:

Manage your Business Listing

Foursquare boasts millions of business listings. These listings are all submitted by real people who visit places and leave behind tips about them. Chances are, your business is already on Foursquare. Just download the app and sign up to claim control of your business listing making sure that all information is both complete and accurate.

Engage with your Customers

Foursquare is free marketing tool that you can use to engage with your customers. Use it to share news about your business, promote events and offer discounts with Foursquare Local Updates.

Monitor How your Business is Doing

Foursquare has a free analytics tool, which you can use to monitor the customers checking in to your business. You can find out who they are, when they visited and also what they are saying about you across the different social networks.

Your Business Listing

So, like mentioned, your business is probably already on Foursquare. It’s only wise to take control of your listing and manage your presence there.

1. How it all Works

Through Foursquare, over 100 million people can discover you.  Potential customers search places and accordingly they may find your business listing, look at some of your photos and read what people say about you.

2. What to Include in your Business Listing

Your listing on Foursquare should include some key information. This includes but is not limited to the actual physical address of your business and a phone number. Other things you might want to add include:

– A brief description of your business

– Your opening hours

– A link to your website

– Links to your social media accounts

– Information about your products/services

Business tools on Foursquare

1. Foursquare Local Updates

Use it to share with your potential customers business news, upcoming events and special promotions or featured items. People use Foursquare to look at businesses and people who check in to your business or who happen to be nearby will see the local updates you post.

2. Foursquare Specials

On Foursquare, people search for special offers nearby. To attract more customers, offer discounts or set up featured items. With Foursquare Specials, you have the chance to stand out as orange pin on a geographic map. Your customers then redeem their discount when they check in to your business once on the spot.

3. Monitor your Customers

Foursquare offers free analytics that you can use to learn who your customers are and what they are sharing about you on Foursquare and also across the other social networks. With Foursquare Analytics, you can also study the behavior of your customers to identify your first-time customers and those who return again and again.

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