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Posted on December 10, 2009 
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Importing Sites and Submitting Existing Sites

As mentioned in the previous post, the purpose of this post is twofold:

1) to show you how easy and simple it is to import sites from your Directory Maximizer account

2) also to show you how easily you can place orders by submitting sites or pages already added to you Social Maximizer account

Let’s first tackle the issue of ‘Importing’ sites.

If you are a Directory Maximizer user, you have the added advantage of importing your sites from your Directory Maximizer account and being on the shortest route to have your site bookmarked.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on the ‘Import Sites’ button. This will cause a page with the site listings to pop up.

import icon

Choose the sites you wish to import to Social Maximizer, then click on the import button. And voila! The sites are in your account and you are already halfway through with submitting them!


Now, on to ‘Submitting Existing Pages’.

To submit imported sites or site that have been already added to your account, click on the ‘Submit an Existing Page’ button.


Upon clicking the “Submit Existing Pages” button, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like the image below ( read on for detailed explanation):

submit x

Once in the Submit Existing Page’ section, follow the steps enumerated below.

Step 1. Choose/select the site you wish to submit.

select site

Step 2. Then, choose the submission option of your preference.


a) Option 1: Have your site submitted to all the Bookmarking Sites our list, or if you have used Social Maximizer’s bookmarking service before, to the remaining unique sites.

option 1

b) Option 2: Have your site submitted according to your budget or to a specific number of sites. Either fill in the number of directories you want to have your site submitted to in the first box or the amount you are willing to spend towards the order in the second “Budget” field. There are two stipulations though: the order value cannot be less that $5, and a site has to be submitted to at least 20 bookmarking sites.

option 2

c) Option 3: Have your site submitted to bookmarking sites of your choice from the entire list. Once again, there are stipulations: the order value cannot be less that $5, and a site has to be submitted to at least 20 bookmarking sites. You have the option of saving the selected sites as a ‘Favorite’ and giving the list a unique name for future reference.

opt 3

Note 1: Upon choosing any one of the three submission options, you will be shown details of your order. You will also be shown the amount approximately in your local currency.


Step 3. Then click on the confirm button, you’ll be taken to the payment page.


Payment Page

In the payment page, you’ll find the order details and the amount payable. You have two payment options available – you can either pay through PayPal or pay with your credit card.


As mentioned earlier, you additional payment options, if you have $MX in your account ($MX is a form of submission credit, $MX 1= $US 1) –

1) You can pay for the order solely with MX dollars.

Click on the ‘Complete Submission’ button to pay for the order with $MX .

The following screenshot shows that an order for 26 submissions is being placed with $MX 4.94 remaining in the person’s account.

MX only

2) You can apply an MX amount to your order and pay a reduced amount. The steps involved are enumerated in the example below.

Click on the ‘Use $MX in account’ button.

The screenshot shows the payment page of an order for 222 submissions; note that the amount payable is $42.18.


Clicking on the ‘Use $MX in account’ button causes a green ‘Apply & Recalculate Total’ button to appear.

In the space provided enter the $MX amount you wish to use towards the order, then click on the green button.

The screenshot shows that $MX of 5 is applied to the order and the total recalculated.


You’ll now notice a the change in amount payable, complete the payment process by clicking on either the ‘Pay by PayPal’ button or the ‘Pay by Credit Card’ button.

In the screenshot below, you’ll see that the amount payable is $37.18, after having used $MX5.


Ordering with Social Maximizer is as simple and easy as that! Click here

Click here
to place a bookmarking order and enhance your social media marketing experience like never before.

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