How to Optimize Your SlideShare Presentations for Maximum SEO Benefit & Branding

Posted on May 13, 2015 
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Founded in October 2006 and later acquired in May 2012 by LinkedIn, SlideShare is a slide hosting service that began with a simple goal: To help people share knowledge online. Since then, the service has grown into the world’s largest and most popular community for sharing presentations averaging approximately 60 million unique visitors a month according to data pulled in Q4 of 2013. SlideShare also features in the top 120 most visited websites in the world and is used by individuals and organizations ranging from Guy Kawasaki to the White House and Mashable.


SlideShare for Business

Whether you own an online shoe store or you help companies grow their revenue, SlideShare has many applications in marketing. For example, as you probably already know, presentations work great for content marketing so one of the ways a business could use SlideShare is as a content marketing tool. You could use it to:

1. Tell a Story

It’s a tried and tested theory that personal stories make the best content inspiration source but to amplify the impact of your message further, you could leverage the power of visuals using SlideShare.

2. Embed Slides into Landing Pages

Whether you need to give people a preview of a product you’re launching or you need to explain a concept to your readers, few things can beat a well-crafted SlideShare presentation, which is also very easy to embed into any landing page.

3. Enhance Your Blog Posts

A great blog begins with the content you create and while there are many types of posts that you can write on your blog that will do well, embedding SlideShare content into blog posts should rank pretty high up that list because readers love it.

4. Brand Yourself the Visual Way

No one goes to a SlideShare presentation hoping to come across huge chunks of text. It’s clearly a platform for visual communication and this makes it a great tool to introduce people to your brand and what you stand for in a recognizable fashion.

So SlideShare has many applications. The other benefit of the slide hosting service is that uploaded presentations have great potential to generate traffic for your website. The key is to optimize them for both your target audience as well as the search engines.

How to Optimize your SlideShare Presentations so You are Using the Service to its Full Potential

1. Make the First Slide Captivating

When it comes to content marketing, first impressions matter so if you’re creating a SlideShare presentation for your audience, don’t under estimate the power of your first slide. Not to mention that it will be used as the thumbnail everywhere including social shares whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest.

2. Think SEO

To optimize a presentation for the search engines, there are key factors you should take into consideration before you upload it to SlideShare. For example, the presentation should have a keyword-rich filename and the title should include the keyword phrase you are targeting and be up to 70 characters long. Additionally, don’t ignore SlideShare’s description field. This will be your presentation’s meta description. You can use up to 3,000 characters but of course the first 160 characters matter most. And finally choose the tags for your presentation carefully because the meta keywords for your presentation page are derived from these tags and there is a limit of 20.

3. Include Links & Videos

To make sure you are using SlideShare to its full potential as a content marketing tool, link to any resources and other tools you mention in your presentation. You can either make a link clickable or you can link the whole slide to an external website. Video also integrates very well with SlideShare and can be used to introduce a range of opportunities to reinforce or demonstrate a point.

4. Use SlideShare Analytics

Part of the beauty of online marketing is that you can measure everything you do to derive actionable takeaways. The same is true with SlideShare. The service offers a robust analytics feature to help you track the performance of your content so you can start doing more of what your audience wants and less of what they don’t appreciate. SlideShare Analytics is also very useful to gain other valuable insights. For example, you can see outbound clicks from your presentation and view recently engaged users.

5. Allow Sharing and Use Relevant Keywords in the Content

And finally, if you want to get your content out there, you need to allow users to share your presentations. What you need to do though is make sure that your company’s URL is somewhere in the presentation and that it is branded with some watermarks. Equally important, SlideShare transcribes the text in presentations so the search engines can index them. It would help your rankings if you include keyword rich text in your presentation itself.

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