How to Increase Social Media ROI | 6 Tips

Posted on October 3, 2013 
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Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become extremely important for most businesses to become a successful online brand. A question often asked by marketers in social media conferences and events is about the ROI on social media investments. While measuring the social media ROI is not an easy task (its another topic altogether), these tips will certainly help you improve your social media marketing ROI.


1. The Humanization of Brands

Build-a-brandConsumers today are very active on the social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This perhaps explains the reason why brands today want to engage with their prospects through social media.

In 2012, the most important thing that digital marketers learnt about social media marketing is this: For success on the social media sites, you need to humanize your brand. You need to find a way to connect to people. On the social sites today, people choose what they like and who they want to interact with. The interaction is more often than not personal.

So basically, if you use social media to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate, you need to get up close and personal with your fans and followers to make them feel like they belong. You need to be more than a brand. You need to be a name, a face and an authority figure. Share relevant links, photos and videos. Let people in on some behind-the-scene action. Build an online business community around your brand.

2. Engagement brand-engagement

In addition to having a great persona on the social sites, you also need to engage with your fans and followers

engage with your fans and followers
. Without engagement, there is only so far you will get in terms of social media success. Without a good and workable engagement strategy, you will nullify the effect of your social media campaign.

So engagement is important but what does it imply exactly? What does engagement on the social media sites include? Does posting an update everyday count as engagement? Do redirecting people to useful resources count as engagement?

On the social media sites, engagement does not have a clear-cut definition but it includes the following:

– Reaching out to people by showing an interest in what they have to share

– Providing real value in the community by participating in discussions

– Being generous in sharing resources

– Always having the right answers ready for your fans and followers should they have any query

– Asking for feedback

– Dealing with positive but also negative feedback with good social skills

3. Transparency

On the social media sites, people put a premium on things like transparency and honesty. In the past, brands have made the mistake of providing fake profile information and misrepresenting themselves to be something they are not. Even today, the social sites are littered with fake profiles and inaccurate information.

If you want to connect with people, be a brand that people can trust to be honest. Be transparent.

4. Go Mobile

social-media-mobileThese days, more and more people log on the social sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ on their mobile devices including their smartphones and tablets. If you want to truly harvest the power of social media, you need to go mobile.

This includes but is not limited to:

– Optimizing your landing pages for mobile marketing

– Using ads that appear on mobile apps

– Studying the dynamics of a mobile user

– Optimizing your social profiles to look good on the mobile devices

5. Avoid Information Overload

On the social sites, it can be tempting to post an update every hour but as we’ve seen in 2012, there is a problem with information overload. People online sift through tons of garbage everyday to get to real value information.

So how do you demarcate yourself in that respect?

It’s not hard to guess!

Always think:

– Value

– Quality

– Context

Any content you share should tick these 3 boxes.

6. Content is King

Last but not least, digital marketing success ultimately boils down to one thing: the quality of the content you share.

Whether you are posting a link, an update, a photo or a video review of your most popular product, always make sure that the content is of top-notch quality. Great content should be foundation upon which you leverage your marketing efforts.

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