Twitter Business Strategy: How to Effectively Use Twitter for your Business

Posted on July 27, 2012 
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Twitter is one of the most powerful yet least understood internet business tools. By now, most businesses who’re serious about the internet have a Twitter account and are regularly posting on Twitter. However, many of them find that Twitter isn’t quite generating the results that they expected.

Many expected hordes of customers to come flocking in from their social media efforts. Needless to say, for most companies this simply hasn’t happened. Is it because Twitter doesn’t work? No – Most businesses just aren’t running Twitter the way it needs to be run in order to deliver results.

Using Twitter for business is different than using Twitter for personal communications. Here’s how to use Twitter for business.

Start By Understanding Your Audience

What exactly is your audience looking for? Why are they on your Twitter page? What kinds of problems and solutions do they have? What kinds of products do they want to buy?

Many business owners simply assume that they know the answers to these problems. Yet in reality, when you ask your audience these questions, you’ll very often find that their actual answers are quite different than what you might have assumed.

Never run a business Twitter account on a foundation of assumptions. Start by asking your audience questions. Listen closely and tailor your strategy accordingly. Create share worthy content for your audience.

Create a Strategy to Get Followers and Create Loyalty

Followers don’t just fall out of the sky. Too many people assume that if they build a Twitter page, followers will simply appear. This just isn’t true.

Getting a lot of followers takes hard work. You need a multi-pronged strategy for bringing more people to your page. You need to utilize tools like YouTube, social media sites, viral free content and more to get more Twitter followers.

Once you have those followers, you need to make sure that they actually stick around. In order to do that, you need to have a solid content strategy. Map out the kinds of tweets that you intend to post. Make sure there’s a good mix of original content, multimedia, interactivity, questions and branding tweets.

It’s okay to have promotional messages. Just make sure that they don’t overpower your content messages.

Create a Way to Measure Progress

What’s the ideal path that you want your followers to take? Come up with a systematic way to turn your followers into actual leads or buyers.

This process can be extremely long or extremely short. For example, you might just measure progress by the number of people who click on your links and end up filling out a lead form.

On the other hand, you might measure your progress by the number of people who end up buying a $10,000 training seminar.

The idea is to break down your metrics into measurable chunks. Then you can look at how your Twitter campaign is performing and look for better ways to hit your goals.

Make sure you add a clear call to action every once in a while. Don’t just put out content all the time without trying to get your users to do something at some point.

Solve Problems for Unhappy Customers

Another core way that businesses can use Twitter is to use it as a platform for solving customer problems. People who have a problem with your product are often going to come to your Twitter feed or your Twitter hashtags to voice their concerns.

Don’t treat this as a nuisance. At worst, treat it as damage control. At best, treat it as an opportunity to win over potential customers.

If you didn’t have Twitter as an avenue for customers to come to you, chances are they’d go blasting their complaints to friends, to blogs, to forums and to the internet at large. But if you’re on Twitter and respond quickly, you can mitigate the damage.

Furthermore, often time’s your harshest critics can become your best customers. Handle a tough situation well and you may have a customer for life.

Using Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for business means concerted effort and intent. You can’t just use the medium in a haphazard way that lay people do. You have to know your audience, come up with a plan and respond quickly to issues that arise. Use Twitter well and the influence and traffic you’ll get will far outweigh the time and effort you put into it.

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