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Posted on April 9, 2015 
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If you want to generate more traffic to your website and get more attention and higher rankings in the SERPs for your content, sometimes it takes more than creating quality content and hitting the publish button. One thing that is starting to have a huge and significant impact on these goals is social media. After all, Facebook has over 1.3 billion users, and a few hundred million people are spread across other popular social networks like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and lately Instagram.


As such, if you want to reach and impact more people, increasing the number of social shares for your content is definitely something worth considering. Think about it: If you create and publish a post that gets 500 Facebook likes, 400 tweets and 200 +1s and you do this consistently, how much traffic to your website does this translate to and how much of a bump those posts will get up the SERPs?

The question is, how can you get people to share your content across the social media sites? Let’s look at 4 ways in which you can do this.

4 Ways to Get More Shares across Social Media

1. Make it Easy for People to Share your Content

If you want more social shares for your content, make your social sharing buttons obvious by placing them in prime real estate. For example, you can use a dynamic and customizable vertical box that contains buttons and/or links to the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit and which scrolls up and down a post to match the scrolling of readers. Alternatively, social sharing buttons at the end of posts is also very effective.

2. Encourage your Readers to Share your Content

Here is the deal: Most people, when they read something online, won’t immediately think “I want to share this”. You have to spell it out for them. Sometimes a few simple words strung together like “Please RT” can generate 3 times or 4 times as many retweets as you would get without such a call to action, a fact demonstrated to best effect by the studies and experiments outlined by Dan Zarrella in this post on

3. Create Content that People will Care to Share

Next up, it goes without saying that if you want more shares for your content across the social web, you first need to create a social sharing-worthy brand. To that end, you need to create content that 1) is worth sharing, 2) inspires trust and 3) builds authority among your customers. Some ways you can do this is to:

 – Create and publish content that provides real value

For example, a detailed tutorial to doing something can be put to good use by readers immediately. Remember that tutorials and other posts that require lots of research and are the most time-consuming to create are often the most rewarding too. As a general rule, create content that’s better than what your competitors are offering and you don’t have to limit yourself to text only. You can do videos too. In short, give great information that provides readers with exactly what they are looking for. Backlinks will follow and of course, social shares too.

– Think infographic

An extension of the above, it takes time to create an infographic and if you are not a designer and you bat a red hot zero in the creativity department, you might need to shell out some cash too, but an infographic that provides value to readers is one of the best ways to get social sharing across your site.

– Profile some of your industry influencers

Are there influencers and thought leaders in your industry – people who when they talk, others listen? If so, one highly effective way to bring social shares to your site is to leverage these authority figures

leverage these authority figures
by creating link bait posts. For example, you could interview some of these industry experts or reach out to some of them and compile a detailed post about their responses to certain industry issues and topics. Once the post goes live, the profiled people will share your post and that translates to, obviously, lots of exposure and valuable traffic to your site.

– Create content with lists of “Recommended Tools” to do this and that

And finally, there is nothing that bloggers and marketers appreciate more than lists of tools they can use to make their lives easier. For example, don’t we all appreciate the soul who rounds up a list of tools we can use to track and improve our SEO, social and content marketing efforts? Or a list of tools we can use to create infographics and/or videos? Also, Google loves to rank this type of content.

Of course there are other types of content you can create and publish for your potential customers to view you as an authority and a social sharing-worthy brand. These are just 3 ideas out of many.

4. Think Triberr

And finally, if you want to increase your reach and impact via an increased number of social shares for your content, consider using Triberr, a social site that gathers like-minded bloggers and sorts them into “tribes”. Once you become a member of a tribe, you enjoy many benefits such as automatic social sharing by members of the tribe, high-quality visits to your site and more comments. You can also join different “tribes” to boost social sharing. For instance, a person who is a member of no more than 6 different tribes on Triberr may reach over 6 million Twitter followers.

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