5 Facebook Contest Types You Should Know About

Posted on July 18, 2013 
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According to a post by Yahoo News, as of May 2013, Facebook boasts a traffic rate of 1.11 billion active users a month, a figure that’s slightly higher than the one reported earlier this year in January 2013 (1.06 billion active users a month). If you are among the 1.11 billion active users of Facebook, you probably know what Facebook contests are all about. You probably know about these contests from business pages you liked or a page shared by one of your Facebook friends.


By all standards, Facebook contests are nothing new unlike Facebook hashtags, a latest Facebook feature. What is of interest where Facebook contests are concerned are the different types of Facebook contests. Most social media marketers only seem to know about one or two.

In reality, as a Facebook marketer, by using their third party apps, you can organize a number of different contests to build trust and loyalty and increase social engagement. Different third party apps can be used for different types of Facebook contests.

5 Types of Facebook Contests That You Can Run

1. Sweepstakes

Facebook-SweepstakesThis is by far the most popular type of Facebook contest. In nature, sweepstakes are very similar to lucky draw contests and is therefore one of easiest contests to organize and join.

In the majority of cases, sweepstakes work as follows: As an active Facebook user, you run the contest. People on the social site participate in the contest by filling in their name and email address. A winner is picked at random.

To make the contest more popular, a platform like Binkd can be used to allow the participants to share the contest on their own social profile. For example, say one of your contestants share a link to the contest sign up form on Twitter. If some of the contestant’s Twitter followers sign up to participate, his or her entry in the contest increases by many fold.

2. Photo Contests

This is the second type of Facebook contest marketers are familiar with. In general a photo contest requires the participants to submit a picture of some kind, related to a topic or a particular product and a winner is chosen based on merit.


The picture can be about a number of things including:

  • Your products
  • A theme, for example exotic animals
  • A photo of your participants when they were younger
  • The most beautiful smile

3. Video Contests

Very similar in principle to photo contests, for video contests, Facebook users submit videos relating to a particular subject matter or theme. The best submitted video is chosen based on merit. Generally, video contests tend to generate fewer entries than photo contests because they are more demanding in nature. Of course it’s a lot easier to upload and share a picture than a video file.


If you do choose to host a video contest because you have an audience that you think will respond to such an event, here are some different ideas for video contests that might actually benefit your business.

  • Use the video contest to recruit personnel members
  • Use the video contest to learn what people think of you

4. Word Contests

A Facebook word contest is basically a contest in which the participants have to submit some kind of word-based message. The most fun way of doing this is you upload a picture and ask the participants to come up with a creative caption for it. The person with the most creative mind wins.


Equally possible, you can request an essay-type submission: maybe 100 or 300 words on a particular subject matter or theme.

5. Challenge Contest

The last type of contest is what marketers call challenge contests. Basically, the participants of the contests are asked to perform a number of tasks and each completed task earns points. These points are considered entries and the person with the most points wins.


On Facebook, many marketers seem to adopt sweepstakes and photo contests because they are the easiest to organize. The contests also tend to do well; there is no barrier to entering these contests and anyone can participate. Video contests are perhaps the most challenging because they require a certain level of commitment from both parties; the host of the contest and the participants.

To sum things up, all 5 types of contests are great for cultivating customer loyalty and trust and encouraging engagement on the social sites; one or two may be easier than the others to organize and carry out. Remember that any contest should have a fair reward, a prize interesting enough to get your prospects to participate. A plastic engraved glass might not cut it.

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