Facebook Reach Is Important But What About Relevance?

Posted on August 28, 2013 
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facebook-logoIt’s always a tat bit irritating when businesses on Facebook freak out about the number of fans they have. What’s with the obsession with numbers anyway? Why are businesses always looking for ways to get people to ‘like’ them? You would think, with all that’s written about social media marketing over the web, people would get it by now that increasing their number of fans on Facebook is not really the point of being on the social site. It’s more about creating engaging content and having a workable marketing strategy.  If you focus on these two things, the fans will inevitably follow. You will never be successful on Facebook if you don’t focus on the right things.

Your Facebook Reach increase-facebook-reach

Your Facebook reach is the number of people who see the posts you make on the social site. It is NOT an indicator of how many people actually read what you share. It simply measures how many people scroll over your posts in their news feeds.

Clearly, Facebook reach is a metric that’s not very useful as an indicator of your performance on the social site. As a marketer, there is no harm if you choose to monitor your Facebook reach. It is an important social media metrics but don’t get warped by it.


On any given day, assume that 50% of your fans get on Facebook and an average user spends 30-60 minutes on the social site. A Facebook post, as you probably already know has an average lifetime value of 2.5 hours. This gives a post an average reach of 10-15% no matter how many fans you have.

Your Facebook Relevance

So we’ve seen what Facebook reach is. Now let’s talk about relevance. Your Facebook relevance is a measure of authority and trust. In effect, it measures how the information you share on the social site spreads. It measures the sharing of content by our audience.

If you are using Facebook marketing to target a particular audience, relevance can help you save money on your advertising expenses. This is because you will only be targeting a relevant audience and target customers. Rationally speaking, if you can select the people you reach out to, why target the whole world? Focus your energies on people who are likely to convert into buying customers.

So based on what you’ve read so far, if you had to pick one thing to focus on, reach or relevance, which one would you pick?

I say, be greedy! It’s okay to want both. And together we’ll see how you can get away with it.

1. Engage! Fans will Follow

Any business investing in social media marketing would need a fair number of fans on Facebook. If you are looking to increase your Facebook reach, forget about buying Facebook fans and focus on creating quality and engaging content for your fans. If you have any idea what Facebook EdgeRank is, you would know why engagement is important on social sites like Facebook. Briefly, the more your fans engage with your posts, the greater the reach and visibility of the posts.

2. A Good Strategy is Important

If your Facebook reach leaves a lot to be desired, you probably have the wrong marketing strategy. For example, are you posting your content at the right time of day? What type of content are you posting? Is the tone you are using appropriate? What do your fans expect from you?

3. Facebook Insights

To succeed on any social site, it is important to be familiar with how things work on the social site. Marketing on Facebook is no exception. Did you know that Facebook offers free analytics for pages with over 30 likes? This free tool is very helpful to measure the performance of any content you post and to study the demographics of your audience.

These small insights can go a long way in helping you plan your content strategy and stay on top of the social media game.

To Conclude

Facebook reach is an important social media metrics but it does not help to obsess about numbers. On the social site, the most important thing for your fans is to engage with the content you share. Increasing your number of fans should not be the end goal of your social media marketing plan. The goal should be to engage users and create content that fans will love to share. Always go back to your marketing strategy to make sure you do more of what your fans like and less of what they do not appreciate.

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