Facebook Pages for Business: 15 Creative Uses

Posted on June 22, 2012 
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uses-of-facebook-pageFacebook pages have officially taken off. It’s one of the most important mediums for any business to be in today. If you have a serious business, you’re going to want to invest some time into Facebook pages.

Why? For starters, here are 15 different ways you can use your Facebook page.

#1 Resolve Customer Issues

If customers are having issues with a product, your Facebook page can be a great outlet for them to reach out for help. It’s a much better avenue than customers posting about issues on their own blogs or personal Facebook walls. You can then resolve all the issues in one place.

#2 Build a Community

You can use Facebook to build a community. Use it to answer questions, let people get to know each other and have meaningful discussions.

#3 Do Research

If you’re wondering what the next product your customers want is or what kinds of problems your customers are having, look no further than your Facebook page. You can easily post a survey for people to take, or just pay attention to what people are talking about.

#4 Get People Talking About You

Facebook pages are a fantastic way to spread the word. If you’re doing something interesting, use Facebook pages to let people know what you’re up to and to get the buzz going.

#5 Basic Business Information

You can use Facebook pages to let people know all the most important basic facts about your business, such as your opening times, your location and your phone number.

#6 Beta Testing

Facebook pages allow you to beta test software and programs. Before you’re ready to launch to the general public, launch your programs to your Facebook page fans. They’re already people who like your products and will generally be open to trying new things.

#7 Make Important Announcements

Are you changing something big in your business? Are you launching a new initiative? Or perhaps you made a mistake and need to make a public statement.

Whatever the case may be, if you need to make a public announcement, your Facebook page is a great way to do it. You have the attention of your most loyal fans.

#8 Public Applause for Star Employees

If you have an employee who’s doing particularly well, one great way to show your thanks is to recognize them on your Facebook page. You put their name out there with recognition – To hundreds of people. Talk about loyalty building.

#9 List Your Products

Facebook pages are a great place to list your products for sale. People who like your brand can find everything you have to offer in one place.

#10 Get the Media’s Attention

If you have something to announce, posting it on your Facebook wall is a great way to cut through the clutter. Often time’s bloggers and journalists will make it a point to follow companies that are active in their space. This allows you to get their attention.

#11 Special Offers for Facebook Local

If you have a place on Facebook that people can check into, you can give prizes to people who check in to your establishment often. It’s a good way to reward customer loyalty.

#12 Add a Signup Form

If you want to move your Facebook fans from Facebook to an email list, you can. Just add an email subscriber box to one of your Facebook pages.

#13 Run a Contest

Facebook is one of the best platforms in the world for running contests. Often time’s contests are inherently social, meaning people try to get their friends and family to vote for them. Contests can bring in a lot of traffic as well as generate a lot of buzz.

#14 Use it to Promote an Event

If you’re hosting an event, such as a seminar, trade show or conference, your Facebook page can be a great place to promote it. You can “drip feed” information about upcoming events as well as give updates about changes, new speakers or new bonuses as they come online.

#15 Facilitate a Charitable Cause

Finally, you can use your Facebook page to give back. You can use it to help arrange donations for a natural disaster or tackle a problem faced by your whole industry.

These are 15 different ways you can employ Facebook pages to help improve your business.

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