Facebook Marketing Done Right (With Real-Life Examples!)

Posted on February 28, 2014 
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Let’s be honest. Facebook marketing is not as easy as some marketers would like you to believe. People do not have their credit card in hand, ready to buy, when they are checking out the pictures of their crush or when they are writing on their friends’ walls.

Actually, social conversion rates are less than a third of the rates of email conversions (0.71%, as compared to 3.19%, according to this study

this study

The thing is, email marketing is getting tricky, and not only because of the introduction of tabs. Even if email tabs are not a ‘universal’ feature (yet), people are already doing selective reading and opening on the go; they can tell who is writing to them, and who is trying to sell them something.

The solution? Dip your feet into social, too. “What? But you just said…”

I know, I know. I said it’s not as easy as people are led to believe, but it can be very effective if you do your marketing right; and that’s what this article is about!

1. Give People a Reason to Join and to Stay

Seriously, if people want to look at what you have to sell, they will check out your website or online store. That’s not what your Facebook page is for! Your page is here to gain fans AND to get them to engage.


This page, Just Girly Things, are doing things right. At this time of writing, 83.4% of their fans are actively talking about them.

Pretty sweet (and rare!). How are they doing it? By posting stuff like this:


(Spoiler Alert: For those who don’t want to spend minutes figuring it out, it’s Mario)

Their page is full of pictures. You’ve got to admit; that’s what Facebook is mostly about. Don’t have the time, money, or interest to invest in custom tiles for some engagement? No problem. Maybe you can post pictures like this instead:


(This “picture” has 19,728 Likes, 899 shares, and 831 comments so far…)

I think we can all agree that it’s not about the design. As long as you post something that is one or more of the following, you should be able to produce a nice response:

  • Relatable
  • Inspiring
  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Novel

2. Share What’s Interesting, not Necessarily What You’ve Created

Let’s have a look at that Mario picture above. Do you think Just Girly Things did it themselves? In fact, the majority of their shares are taken from other places.

They have a general “theme” (as you might have guessed, just girly things…) and post things related to that (and also sometimes not, but still interesting!).

A lot of businesses only post their own stuff: links to their products, links to their blog posts, links to their company logo, etc. No wonder the level of engagement cannot even be compared.

What you share doesn’t have to be completely new. Nothing is new under the sun. And even less things are new on Facebook! Most things are a repost, and you shouldn’t worry about that as long as you are following a general theme.

Hey Wait! I Thought this was a Post about How to Market on Facebook!!??

THIS IS HOW TO MARKET ON FACEBOOK! Really! Gaining, retaining, and engaging fans. Sure, for your peace of mind you can share links to your products once in a while. But for the most part, the money is not in the selling (on FB).

You can literally gain loyal fans and customers using just Facebook and Paint, so why not just do it?

Oh and yeah, be consistent. Sharing a couple of pictures a month will not bring you very far. Create a posting schedule if you have to, and stick to it.

How Often is it Okay to Post?

I will answer this using an example.

Interesting Things have 4.5 million+ people talking about them (and over 8 million likes!). The page posts 4 – 5 stuff an hour! I’m just mentioning this so that you don’t freak out about posting a couple of times a day or more (as long as what you share meets one of the criteria listed above).


While you don’t really have to actively post links to your own stuff, do fill up your About page with your website, opening hours, a link to your store, a link to your blog, address etc. People do look for this stuff, and it’s also going to help the search engines find you.

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