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Posted on April 12, 2013 
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Ah. Social media. It’s an unavoidable topic nowadays. Actually, I will go as far as saying that it’s probably time for you to dump your favorite Internet marketing blog and/or forum if there is no section dedicated to social media on there!

While social media is not THE future of marketing, it certainly forms a big (huge?) part of it. It is not a coincidence that big corporations who do not appear to need any more attention at all are jumping on social media. Think Coca-Cola. Who doesn’t know it? Who doesn’t drink it? And yet, the expensive suits working there decided that it’s important for them to generate over 60 million Likes on their page. Same with Red Bull; they sent a guy (Felix Baumgartner) to space and had him literally jump back to Earth. And yet, they are still very active on their social pages.

In this article, I will dissect the strategies of 5 brands that got their social media marketing right. They have distinctly different strategies, which is why I picked them for this post.


If you have “Liked” them on Facebook, you know how big of a hit their ‘Daily Twist’ campaign was. For those who don’t know, Oreo turned 100 years old last year. To celebrate, they posted pictures and statuses on a daily basis for 100 days.

Their posts were highly relevant to big events that happened in the past, only that they were “Oreo-based”. It would be unreasonable for me to expect you to visualize that sentence, so let me illustrate it below with 4 of their genius images:

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

Oreo Social Media

The amount of work involved, the commitment, the consistency, all of it paid off in the form of thousands of Likes and comments. This led to more people liking the brand and in the end I suppose buying more Oreos. I know for a fact these pictured are super appetizing.

Red Bull

When the company does not send people to space, it interacts with its fans and followers.

While some of us were busy complaining about the new Facebook Timeline, Red Bull decided to celebrate it by creating a game around it! It was called the “Red Bull Scavenger hunt”.

Redbull Social Media

Basically, the aim was to answer questions that the admin asked, based on clues within the Facebook page. This led to an avalanche of comments and likes. Not only that, but it also allowed Red Bull to re-use (and revive) their old content.

Grey Poupon

You may be asking yourself how in the world can a mustard brand have an active social media presence. Well, Grey Poupon found a way.

We can deny it all we want, but we all have a sense of “self-worth” attached to our social profiles. This self-worth is what Grey Poupon is leveraging on.

Grey Poupon Society of Good Taste

It created “The Society of Good Taste” which very basically evaluates you. It even fetches information from your profile and shares to give you a rise in score!


Lay’s decided to involve their fans in their actual business, by encouraging them to submit flavor ideas. The judges: Michael Symon and Eva Longoria. The prize: At least $1,000,000.

lay's do us a flavor

Who doesn’t want $1 million, and that too, just by giving out a flavor idea? Lay’s social media marketing team thought it would be a big hit and boy they were right!


Evian did something more ‘offline’ than the other brands mentioned in this article. It targeted the social network Instagram.

Evian Instagram

Evian took a few of the famous people on the network and gave them the opportunity to get an “Insider’s View” of the US Open Tennis event that it is sponsoring. While a lot of the pictures had “Evian” in it (either in the form of water bottles or the brand logo), some of them didn’t at all. The pictures ended up being seen by millions. It’s really taking advantage of the power of social media.

The Moral of the Story

Social media marketing is important. Seriously, we’ve been talking about biscuits, an energy drink, mustard, potato chips and water having a social media presence. There is no reason your business cannot have one. Find something interesting or interactive to share. Look for businesses similar to yours and see what they are doing to generate buzz. Doing this now may have an impact on the size of your business 5 years from now. You wouldn’t want to be left out, would you?

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