Enhance Your Social Media Marketing With These 10 Browser Extensions

Posted on December 2, 2014 
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It’s amazing how a lot of the things that we do repeatedly can be automated. And it’s even more awesome that apart from us, marketers can benefit from that. Today we are going to talk about 10 browser extensions that were designed for social media marketers.

1. Buffer


Buffer is a social media management tool. It allows you to share stuff you find to your friends and followers. It also allows you to schedule things to be shared for later.

Now you don’t even have to open a new tab to sign in to do that; you can just download the extension for your browser. It’s available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox here.

2. Evernote


Sometimes we find something to share while we are on the go, but we might not want to share it right-away. This can happen when for example, you’ve just shared something else 2 minutes ago.

In those instances, Evernote Web Clipper might come in handy. This tool allows you to collect things you find on the web on the go, right from your browser window. It’s available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox here


3. Instagram for Chrome


With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based on 10,000+ reviews, this Chrome extension certainly deserves a mention on this post.

The Instagram for Chrome extension allows you to do almost everything that you can do in the Instagram official app, without ever leaving the browser window that you are using. Comment or like photos or browse your friends any time you want, right on the same screen. You can download it here.

4. Riffle by CrowdRiff


This nifty tool turns you into an instant Twitter-user analyst. It gives you an in-depth insight on a bunch of useful data, like the:

  • Retweets to tweet ratio
  • Favorites to tweet ratio
  • Top hashtags
  • Top mentions
  • Top URLs
  • Average tweets per day
  • And more…

It allows you to see who is really important in the Twitter community (so basically, who you need to actually spend your time on to produce real results). Get this mini-detective for free here.

5. Ritetag


What if you could get the perfect hashtag for your tweet? A lot of people seem to fail miserably when it comes to the use of hashtags. They either use something that has been used to death or words that are a little bit too… “unique”.

Ritetag is like a hashtag-good-ometer. It tells you how well a hashtag is performing right now. It’s available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox here.

6. Klout


Klout is a little bit like Riffle, in the sense that it quickly shows you who is influential on social media. But unlike Riffle, it only gives you a “score”. The range is from 1 to 100. The higher the score, the more influential the profile.

If you like details, Riffle is the better choice, but Klout makes it arguably faster to assess.

The browser extension is available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can get it here.

7. 360social


If relationship building is part of what you do for your business, 360social is a nice extension that will give you easy access to all the social profiles of the people whom you are looking for.

Go on someone’s Twitter profile and within a second you will see a list of the other profiles they have across other networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, Youtube and like 200+ other social networks!

Currently the plugin is available only for Chrome, but its Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer counterparts are coming soon. You can get it here.

8. Shareaholic


Share anything you want with literally 1-click with the Shareaholic extension. You don’t even have to worry about using a URL shortener.

It has a 4-star rating and it’s being used by over 100,000+ people. The social networks you can publish to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and 200+ more services.

The extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. You can get started here.

9. Social Analytics


At a glance, the Social Analytics extension for Chrome allows you to see how many social signals any given page (for example, a blog post) has received.

The social signals include Facebook likes, shares and comments, tweets, +1s, pins, bit.ly clicks and more.

For now, it’s only available for Chrome here.

10. Window Resizer


As a social media marketer, it’s important that your posts show well across multiple devices. After all, 50% of the people viewing your posts are doing so using a smartphone.

Window Resizer helps you make sure that everyone sees your posts as you intend them to. With a couple of clicks, you can see how someone using an iPhone or a netbook sees what you are publishing.

You can also add custom screen sizes if you know what device most of your audience is using.

You can get your hands on the extension here.

To end this post, I would like to point out that most of the extensions are available for Chrome, so as a marketer, it might be a good idea to use Google’s browser when doing social media work.

Click here to get started! Click here to get started!
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