7 Creative & Effective Ways to Engage your Facebook Fans

Posted on November 28, 2011 
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How engaging is your Facebook page? When people land on your page, do they feel inspired to engage with you, or do they simply “like” your page and never return? Engaging your Facebook Fans

Getting someone to “like” your page is simply the first step in a long two-way relationship. It’s not the end goal. Once someone has identified themselves as a fan of your organization, that’s when the real work begins.

Here’s how to engage your Facebook fans.

Aim to be Interactive
Reader Interaction

The idea is to pull your users into engaging with you. The dialogue should be a two way street. Engaging users isn’t just about putting out great content, it’s also about pulling the user into interacting with you in meaningful ways.

A lot of brands make the mistake of just sending content at their user in a one-way street. Instead, aim to be interactive. Get your user base involved.

Ask QuestionsAsk Questions

One easy way to get your user base involved is to ask questions. Multiple choice questions as well as open ended questions both end well.

The questions can be related to your market or current events, they could be personal or they could just be random and off the cuff. Experiment with different kinds of questions to see what your user base responds best to.

Create Polls and Quizzes

Create PollsThere are many, many tools you can use online to create interesting polls and quizzes.

Polls and quizzes are a fast and easy way for people to interact with you and with one another. The quiz should ideally be very short, only about 10 to 15 questions long. It should feel like a fun and entertaining thing to do, rather than a survey.

Try Hosting a Contest

To take user engagement to a totally different level, try hosting a contest with a juicy prize.  Hosting a Contest

There’s nothing that generates user engagement quite like a good contest. A good contest will bring people around a common cause and can get a ton of people to really excited and passionate about your brand.

If you can, try to tie your contest back to your Facebook page. For example, make it so that whoever is winning is posted on your Facebook page every night, so friends of your fans will naturally join your page to see if their friend is winning.

Should You Get Personal?

Get PersonalGetting personal with your fans is one effective way to engage your Facebook fans. If your brand allows for it, you should absolutely go for it.

Instead of just keeping your status updates business related, try asking your readers random things about their personal lives. “What did you want to be when you grew up?” or “Have you seen Avatar yet?” can help build rapport and commonality, even when they have nothing to do with your target market.

Share Meaningful Content

Another way you can engage your fans is to regularly share meaningful videos, news articles and content pieces.

regularly share meaningful videos, news articles and content pieces.
Share Meaningful Content

A good percentage of these content pieces should be created and published by you. However, there’s no harm in also linking to other people’s content if you believe your audience will love it.

Don’t overdo the content linking; but as long as what you’re linking to is relevant and your user base is getting value out of it, you’re good to go.

Comment on News Events

Comment on News EventsOne area that often gets a lot of people engaged is news items. If there’s a hot news item going around, comment on it with your own thoughts and opinions. Then ask your audience what they thought.

Make sure to avoid political discussion however, as that’s an easy way to alienate people.

These are a few different ways you can engage your Facebook fans. Get creative. There isn’t a set formula when it comes to Facebook. The key is getting people to communicate in a two-way street, so they feel part of your brand’s experience, rather than just being talked at.

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