Content Marketing Ain’t Easy – 10 Things You Should Do!

Posted on September 3, 2012 
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Content marketing has gotten more and more popular every year. Just a decade ago, having a “blog” was a unique concept. Today, it seems everyone and their neighbors are writing content, uploading videos, creating infographics and posting on social media.

This explosive growth in the volume of information on the internet has made it very hard to get noticed. If you want your content to get read, you need to stand out.

Here are ten essential tips for creating content that stands out and grabs attention.

#1: Start With Planning

Creating content in a haphazard manner is a surefire formula for mediocrity. Every piece of content you put out should be a part of a larger, coherent strategy. Plan out your long term (1 year plus) plan, as well as specific content pieces you plan on putting out.

#2: Jot Down Unique Ideas

In order for content to be great, it needs to be seeded in unique, powerful and useful ideas. These ideas will most likely hit you when you least expect them to. It might be when you wake up, when you step out of the shower or while you’re out on a jog.

Write these ideas down and turn them into content pieces.

#3: Do Careful Research

Research can lead to fantastic ideas, fantastic content pieces and new insights into your market. What kinds of problems is your market facing right now? What kinds of trends are forming in your industry? What are the strengths and weaknesses to a certain way things are done?

Look beyond the surface. Share what you find, or use what you find to drive your content.

#4: Offer Solutions to Problems

One of the best kinds of content you could offer your readers is solutions to their problems. People are always looking out for ways to improve their lives. Be the one who provides that solution and you’ll stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

#5: The Right People

Yes, blogging and content creation is often a one-man show. Whether you’re a one person team or not, it’s still essential to support your efforts with other professionals who are great at what they do. You need great designers to help with your site. You need technical experts to help configure your servers. You need video experts to edit your videos. The right people can make all the difference.

#6: Design That Stands Out

Don’t use a template. Don’t use a “me too” design and don’t build your own site unless you’re a designer. Hire someone to do it for you to ensure that you really have something that grabs attention.

#7: Use Your Metrics

Think of your metrics as your compass. When you steer a boat, you’re off course almost all the time. You use your compass to guide yourself back on course. Content marketing is similar. Your metrics will tell you what your users like and don’t like through their bounce rates, time on site, referring links, etc.

Figure out what your readers like using these metrics. Give them more of what they like and less of what they don’t.

#8: Search Engine Optimization

Don’t ignore SEO, but don’t overdo it either. Get the fundamental basics down for your content, then focus on generating backlinks. But don’t go overboard and spend hundreds of hours on SEO. Create great content, work on getting it links and let your content’s quality do the heavy lifting.

#9: Leverage Social Media

Social media can be a powerful platform for getting your message and your content out to the world. It can also be a great way to stay in touch with people and keep your followers in the loop. You should be active on at least Facebook and Twitter.

#10: Learn About New Technologies

The internet is constantly changing. A few years ago it was social media. Then came social bookmarking. Now it’s mobile. Who knows what will be next?

These new technologies allow you to expand your reach, deepen your connections and grow a more powerful brand overall. Stay on top of new technologies and look for ways you can implement them in your business.

Getting noticed among all the articles, videos, blog posts, podcasts and infographics can be tough. These ten tips will help you set your content apart so people will actually listen to what you have to say.

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