Relevance of Social Bookmarking in 2012 and till the End of the World

Okey, first thing first. The objective of this post is not to preach social bookmarking is the greatest social marketing tool in internet marketing history! And no, we are not talking about the end of the world; I thought that would help me get the best of your attention 🙂

Let’s move on to the topic. We all have gone through the process of bookmarking our favorite sites on our browsers, then advancing on to social bookmarking where we started bookmarking, tagging and sharing sites on social platforms. Now we use social networks and more advanced tools like Pinterest.

I have got a question for all internet marketers.  Aren’t we all trying to increase the traffic to our sites? Traffic which is relevant to our sites/blogs and business? If that’s the case should we ignore some tools just because they are a bit old? Because they are not the #trending ones? Or because they are not as good as they used to be?

Whatever is your answer, another question in your mind right now would be about the ROI. What is the ROI one can expect from social bookmarking? Let’s address that question now.

ROI from Social Bookmarking can come in two forms:

a) Increased Traffic

b) Increased Rankings

Some popular social bookmarking sites still do deliver plenty of traffic if your story is interesting enough to get voted up. There have been instances of many sites’ servers crashing because of not being able to handle the load of such traffic! However, that said, this won’t necessarily happen with every submission of yours but if you’ve invested enough in your content, there is some chance for it.

The other benefit of increased rankings is a possibility because there are a few social bookmarking sites that give out do-follow seo-friendly links for every submission. This is a neat way to garner some links to your article/blog post and over time such links could help to a certain extent in strengthening your domain authority.

So coming back to ROI, it’s up to you to decide what the ROI of those two benefits would be to you but as far as costs are concerned, it comes down to how much time you invest in your content and then going ahead and registering on the relevant social bookmarking sites and submitting your story to them. Alternatively, you could use a service like ours where we research and write quality content for you or if you have existing content, then you could have us submit those to the popular social bookmarking sites out there.

There are few things though that you need to be aware of before you start your social bookmarking campaigns especially after the recent updates such as Panda and Penguin. You may ignore the rest of the post if you are a Social Maximizer user, because we take care of these for you already 🙂

For all the others, make sure you or your social bookmarking service provider follow these guidelines. At Social Maximizer, our workflow is already fine-tuned to meet the following criteria.

  1. First thing. Your content should be interesting. No point in submitting not so great content to hundreds of bookmarking sites.
  2. Submit your sites/blog posts only to bookmarking sites which are indexed and cached regularly.
  3. Make sure you are not submitting to multiple social bookmarking sites which are hosted on a single ip address.
  4. Submit manually. Don’t use automated tools which do not care a thing for quality. Social bookmarking is effective only if you submit to most relevant categories, using proper tags, titles and descriptions.
  5. Use more titles and descriptions. Don’t use the same titles and descriptions for all your social bookmarking. For example, if you are submitting to 100 social bookmarking sites, try using at least 4 to 5 various titles and descriptions.
  6. Write your titles and descriptions keeping in mind the readers more than the search engines
  7. Submit to social bookmarking sites regularly. For example, whenever you write a new blog post, make it a practice to submit it to 100 or 200 bookmarking sites.

So now that you have all the information you need to promote your content, it’s time you got started!

Got any comments/suggestions/feedback? Sound them off below.

4 Indispensable Tips On Viral Marketing That Cannot Be Ignored

If your goal is to promote your business, whether it is online or offline, you cannot do better than to rely on viral marketing. Viral marketing, in case you were worried, doesn’t involve viruses; the term alludes to the super-fast rate at which viruses spread. Viral marketing involves relying on techniques that will help spread your (promotional) message through a ‘viral process’ and reach a web-wide audience within a short amount of time.

viralThe success of your viral marketing efforts depends on how expertly you play your social graph to use as a medium though with to push your message. However, if your message finds no takers, it can hardly go viral, which counts on people indulging in some furious sharing, and no one shares bad content. So, it would be a good idea to remember that a successful round of viral marketing needs both good content and some decent social networking skills.

Here are some handy dandy tips that you can fallback on in your hour of viral marketing need. (I love puns, can you tell?)

1. Giveaways. Everyone loves free things. Free makes everyone happy. I could delve into the exhaustive scientific studies that attest to these statements, but really, there is no need for it. The giveaway model always works, it works off the Internet, it works equally well on it too. You can offer ebooks or Internet tools, or even sample mp3s if your music is what you wish to promote, and set the ball rolling. Just ensure what you give away is not sub-standard junk that you won’t use yourself. If people like the stuff, they’ll share, talk about it and generate interest in your business. Read more

6 Ways To Make Your Blog A Success

The whole point of having a blog is to get traffic to it, and as difficult as this may seem, your best option is to work at it. The World Wide Web can be likened to a bottomless pit of information, with an endless flurry of users trawling it, day in and day out.  To get these users to consider your corner of the web, by which I mean to drive more traffic to your blog, there are a number of things that need to be done, things that cannot be avoided and have to be done with a generous dose of passion.


It is heartbreaking to see the number of blogs out there that have excellent content but can’t seem to succeed. They have rotten rankings and fail miserably. Don’t let same fate plague your blog, kick back and crack the Technorati 1000 by getting your house in order.

1. Make Your Blog Successful Or Die Trying: First thing to remember is to never give up, to keep on trucking, or rather writing, and remember that if the content is crap, no marketing effort will make it a success. No one starts a blog just for the hell of it, ensue that you have something to say. More publicity, promotion and, consequently, traffic will come your way, but only if the content is truly great. If you cannot write, get a writer to do it for you. There are loads for freelance sites online, where a blogger will write for you at a small cost. Read more

Social Media – Avatar in 2010
Social Media – Avatar in 2010


Last year saw Twitter and Facebook rise to dizzying heights of popularity and the web trying to wrap its collective head around the concept of real-time search and the resulting collaborations between Twitter and traditional search giants like Google and Bing. Yeah, social media really came of age in 2009. So, what changes will be wrought in social media this year? Social media gurus all over the Internet have been frantically making predictions, many have come out with extensive lists of just what changes it will undergo in 2010. Listed below are six likely social media forecasts for this year.

1. Social Media And Real Time Web We already got a glimpse of the real-time web in 2009, with real-time search rolled out by major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and the consequent deals with Bing and Google. imagesThis year we’ll see it come to its own, and social media will be the vehicle that will take it there. Besides being the agent of real-time search, which is already being incorporated into traditional search, social media will also prove to be a trend forecaster that will help spread as well as start trends and fads in matter of seconds.

2. Business of Social Media MarketingBusinesses were already turning hip to the powers of social media in the realm of marketing in 2009 (Dairy Queen, American fast-food chain and a local radio station WUKY are among the few who actively built their social media presence last year), and 2010 will reveal more and more businesses, including small busi­nesses, resorting to the aid of social media mar­ket­ing. According to industry experts, “Social media in 2010 will cease being the shiny new object and instead become part of the everyday lexicon of business.” And that it will no longer be considered a ‘fad’ used by youngsters and movie stars, but a marketing force to be reckoned with.

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Will Social Media be the Death of SEO?

“Is the end of SEO nigh?”
seo dead?

To say that the question is at the forefront of the minds of several SEO mavens would be an understatement. The ever-rising popularity of various social media channels (read Facebook and Twitter) and the resultant flurry of activities (read real-time search) happening there have, evidently, been causes for concern for many in the search business (Google included). Many of them don’t just raise the question; they are convinced that there is no light at the end of the tunnel for SEO, and that the SEO-Armageddon is upon them!

SEO Vs. SMO: What They Say?

This undeclared war between search and social media has the grapevine rife with rumors – that Facebook is all set to vanquish Google, that Twitter is already beating the search engines at their own game, and here’s the whopper, real-time search on social media has all but replaced the traditional and ‘slow’ search engines!

Since I just don’t see the SEO-beast rolling over and playing dead ( is the most visited site on the web), I am not holding my breath. A bunch of over-zealous early-adopters and a few million users thundering towards the latest social media sites may cause it to break out in sweat (by their own admission, Google had been a tad complacent, and hadn’t really anticipated the developments at Facebook and Twitter) but kill it? I don’t think so.


Yes, things may look a little worrisome, the as-yet-undisclosed search aspirations of Facebook, who is practically nipping at Google’s heels in the race for web domination (Facebook clocked 2.6 billion visitors in November, falling short of Google’s traffic volume by just 35 million) and the almost unanticipated success and as-yet-untapped potential of Twitter Search (which has seen a 477.25% increase in unique visitors in the last one year, as opposed to Google’s 11.77%) appear to paint a pretty bleak SEO-picture. But, can Facebook and Twitter push the behemoth Google out of the picture? Will they prove to be the fabled Google-killers? Let’s be real people, Google’s an old hand at search, no logic suggests that these search-wannabes can do what Microsoft and Yahoo together couldn’t achieve.

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How to Order with Social Maximizer Contd.

Importing Sites and Submitting Existing Sites

As mentioned in the previous post, the purpose of this post is twofold:

1) to show you how easy and simple it is to import sites from your Directory Maximizer account

2) also to show you how easily you can place orders by submitting sites or pages already added to you Social Maximizer account

Let’s first tackle the issue of ‘Importing’ sites.

If you are a Directory Maximizer user, you have the added advantage of importing your sites from your Directory Maximizer account and being on the shortest route to have your site bookmarked.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, click on the ‘Import Sites’ button. This will cause a page with the site listings to pop up.

import icon

Choose the sites you wish to import to Social Maximizer, then click on the import button. And voila! The sites are in your account and you are already halfway through with submitting them!


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How to Order with Social Maximizer
How to Order with Social Maximizer

The purpose of this post is to highlight the sheer simplicity and ease that the process of ordering with Social Maximizer entails. I will try to achieve just that by showing you the steps involved in the ordering process and pairing them with screenshots. Read on and make your social media marketing experience better.

Before you can avail of Social Maximizer’s bookmarking service, you need to, of course, sign up with us. But if you are a Directory Maximizer user, you don’t need to register anew at Social Maximizer – use the same login details and log in to your new Social Maximizer account.

Submitting a New Page

Once you are in your account, click on ‘Submit A New Page’. If you are a Directory Maximizer user and want to submit a site you’ve already added to your Directory Maximizer account, you have the option of ‘Importing Sites’; I shall explain how you can do that in the next post.

social submit1

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10 Bizarre Facts You Ought to Know about FaceBook

Facebook… A phenomenon, a revelation, a lifestyle, the eighth wonder of the world… I can just go on and might probably even run out of synonyms that will do justice to this 21st Century marvel. There are very few sites or companies that can boast the success Facebook enjoys… let’s see, Google, Microsoft, Amazon…? Hmmm, can’t think of too many sites that can compete with Facebook when it comes to popularity. Hell, it’s almost become a religion now (& I’m a follower I confess 😉 ). In the 5 years it has existed Facebook has changed the way people live. I’m afraid we live our lives through Facebook, for Facebook & with Facebook! It’s become so bad that I don’t think I can even remember the time when Facebook was not there!

All said & done Facebook is equal to oxygen for millions & millions of people (including me!) but do we know the journey it has gone through? Here are 10 Bizarre Facts about Facebook we ought to know…

1. More than 60 % of men and women have used Facebook to stalk their ex… & why not???

Stalking in Facebook

It’s like godsend for jilted ex-lovers who want to know each & everything their ex is doing after dumping them! Your ex will not know you’re following their every move & there’s no way you’ll get caught… perfect! No more public humiliation & so much information… ahem 😉

2. ??? Pictures Uploaded Monthly on Facebook

I don’t know about other people but  whenever I attend a party or go for a holiday I take lots of pictures. This may seem normal but what you don’t know is that many of these photos are being taken only to post on Facebook. Facebook photos I also know that I am not the only one doing it. Of course there was a time when we use to click snaps for memories but hard core Facebook users like me will tell you that is no longer the case.

So we all keep posting all our photos on Facebook to share with our friends but have you ever stopped to wonder how many pictures are uploaded monthly??? The answer is 1 Billion!! That means 333,333,333 photos every day! No wonder the site keeps getting stuck so many times… I don’t blame you Facebook!

3. Active users

Lets take a look at the number of active members in Facebook over the years. In Dec 2004 there were 1 million active users in Facebook which grew to 5.5 million in 2005, 12 million in 2006, 50 million in 2007, 100 million in 2008 & has increased to 250 million as of July 2009!!! That is a growth of 250% in 5 years. Really man, Facebook IS making the world a smaller place.

Active users on Facebook

4. More than 30 million users update their status at least once each day

This is not so much about Facebook but about how people lose their mind sometimes on Facebook. We all know that Facebook allows you to update your Status… but some people really take it to another level! I just couldn’t leave these gems out; you have to see for yourself…

o … can speak French in Russian..
o …’s charm is so contagious that a vaccine was created for it.
o … thinks that a day without sunshine is like night.
o … is a lover not a fighter, but he’s also a fighter so don’t get any ideas.
o … is so broke that she’s going to KFC to lick other peoples fingers.
o … feels ashamed of his smoking but it’s better that I smoke this and let the dreams of the cigarette workers come true then to be selfish & worry about my lungs.

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FAQs on Social Bookmarking

1. What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where internet users can store, organize and manage their bookmarks (sites of their interest) on a public bookmarking site instead of their computers. Not only that, they can also share their bookmarks with their friends or a network of people. Social bookmarking makes the task of saving sites for future reference much easier and more accessible.

2. Advantages of Social Bookmarking

The main advantage of bookmarking a site is the Increase in Traffic. Social Bookmarking sites are used by millions of people around the world and by bookmarking your sites/your blog posts with them, you automatically get access to the large volume of traffic coming to these sites. All you need to do is have your pages bookmarked with the various Social Bookmarking sites and if the content is good then people will surely save and share it with others. As your bookmark is tagged by others or as more people vote, its popularity rises and it moves to the front pages of the category or site. This leads to an increase in traffic.

3. How does our Service work?

Please click here and check the ‘How It Works’ section to get a better idea.

4. What does a bookmark look like?

Here is a link to a page on the popular bookmarking site, Delicious, where you can view the bookmarks of a particular user: sample bookmarks on Delicious. Another type of site where people don’t necessarily save sites as bookmarks but share interesting stories, is, a popular social news site. We submit to a combination of social bookmark and social news sites [difference between social bookmarking and social news sites].

5. Are these submissions made manually or through an automated process?

All the submissions are made manually by our highly-trained team of submitters. Prior to beginning the order, each site undergoes a review process. In this step our editors check the details of the submitted webpage to make sure they are free from any sort of errors and also write instructions for our submitters to follow while making the submissions to the Bookmarking sites.

6. How do I check where my site has been submitted, do I get a report?

Yes, you are provided with a detailed report on your submissions, which shows you the details of the submissions made along with a link of the final bookmarked url. You are also given an option to download this Report onto an Excel Spreadsheet.

To access this report, you’d need to:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the ‘View Reports’ icon
  • You’d then be taken to the section where you can view the reports of all the sites that you’ve submitted to till date
  • Click on the webpage for which you’d like to view the report
  • The details of the Social Bookmarks made for that webpage will be displayed below on the same page

7. Do you give an invoice for the order?

We give you an invoice for every order placed. You can view the invoices by clicking on the View Invoice icon in your account page.

8. How would I know if my bookmark has become popular?

The popularity of a bookmark is determined by the number of users that have bookmarked a link publicly. Next to each bookmark, you will see a number which shows how many people have saved it, shared it or voted for it. If the number is high then it indicates that the your web-page has become popular.


The numbers in the above image by the side of the Bookmarks, (148 & 220) indicate the popularity of the respective bookmarks, the latter being the more popular one!

9. Does it improve your rank with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

As your bookmark is shared & voted by more, the traffic to your site increases. As a consequence of the popularity, some people might decide to link to you therefore getting you links to your site, which can help with improving your rankings. You also get links from the bookmarking sites themselves. A few of these links can also help to some extent in improving your rankings.

10. What are titles and descriptions in Social Bookmarking and are they important?

Titles are of the utmost importance in Social Bookmarking because it determines whether the bookmark is going to be popular or not. The title is displayed as the headline of your listing, and has to be enticing enough to get the attention of the reader to make him want to read more. You need a title that is captivating enough to encourage people to click through to your site. Avoid the use of too much exclamation or something too promotional. A good title is one that will tell someone what your page is about and yet be interesting enough for them to want to read more.

A description is a short, yet informative paragraph describing the contents of the page being submitted in brief. It should essentially generate interest and encourage people to click through to the site. Avoid excessive exclamations, promotional text or sales language in the description.

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Math Professor + Social Bookmarking = ???

Richard, a senior school math professor, is known as a modern day professor by most of his peers as he follows a more unconventional method of teaching. Instead of relying on the regular text books used by every other professor, he would use the Internet extensively to update himself and keep his students abreast about the changing phenomenons in the world of math. He was on every educational institutes’ newsfeed, apart from being amongst the first to be updated by publishers on new updates via email. But this isn’t just it, he also researches the internet on a day-to-day basis for new theories, which if he finds interesting, he has the site added to his desktop’s web browser.

Photography is also one of Richard’s interests, so when not at work he’s also reading up on the latest lens in the market, apart from different photographic techniques, participating in several activity forums, to mention a few. With the desire to share these sites with his like-minded friends in the future, he saves these bookmarks as well on his browser.

social-bookmarking-explainedWith his findings running into hundreds in a few months time, Richard is beginning to realize the need for a more efficient system as with time, it’s only becoming increasingly difficult for him to locate his bookmarks. This apart, every time he steps out of home, he doesn’t have access to his system, so just in case he’s forgotten to email the researched information to his students, sharing his findings becomes an issue.

On one such day, that he’s forgotten to email his previous evenings findings, he discusses this issue with his class. At that time, Andrew tells Professor Richard about this site called, which he uses to manage his bookmarks of gaming sites. Whenever Andrew finds a great gaming website that he’d like to bookmark, he just clicks on the “Tag” button on his browser to add it to his account and enters a few relevant keywords that can help him find this bookmark at a future date. Not only this, since his list is public, he also directs his friends and college mates to it, which they can then find through keywords. being online, also means that Andrew’s bookmarks aren’t just restricted to a single system.

On listening to this information Professor Richard’s heaves a sigh of relief, for he knows that this is exactly what he’s been looking for. He goes back home and spends the next few weeks reorganizing his bookmarks taking them online to for his respective groups.

As you have understood we are talking about Social bookmarking. To summarize, Social bookmarking can very briefly be explained as a method where users of the World Wide Web save, organize, search, manage and share bookmarks of pages on the Internet with the help of tags or in simpler terms, keywords.

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