FAQs on Social Bookmarking

1. What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where internet users can store, organize and manage their bookmarks (sites of their interest) on a public bookmarking site instead of their computers. Not only that, they can also share their bookmarks with their friends or a network of people. Social bookmarking makes the task of saving sites for future reference much easier and more accessible.

2. Advantages of Social Bookmarking

The main advantage of bookmarking a site is the Increase in Traffic. Social Bookmarking sites are used by millions of people around the world and by bookmarking your sites/your blog posts with them, you automatically get access to the large volume of traffic coming to these sites. All you need to do is have your pages bookmarked with the various Social Bookmarking sites and if the content is good then people will surely save and share it with others. As your bookmark is tagged by others or as more people vote, its popularity rises and it moves to the front pages of the category or site. This leads to an increase in traffic.

3. How does our Service work?

Please click here and check the ‘How It Works’ section to get a better idea.

4. What does a bookmark look like?

Here is a link to a page on the popular bookmarking site, Delicious, where you can view the bookmarks of a particular user: sample bookmarks on Delicious. Another type of site where people don’t necessarily save sites as bookmarks but share interesting stories, is Digg.com, a popular social news site. We submit to a combination of social bookmark and social news sites [difference between social bookmarking and social news sites

difference between social bookmarking and social news sites

5. Are these submissions made manually or through an automated process?

All the submissions are made manually by our highly-trained team of submitters. Prior to beginning the order, each site undergoes a review process. In this step our editors check the details of the submitted webpage to make sure they are free from any sort of errors and also write instructions for our submitters to follow while making the submissions to the Bookmarking sites.

6. How do I check where my site has been submitted, do I get a report?

Yes, you are provided with a detailed report on your submissions, which shows you the details of the submissions made along with a link of the final bookmarked url. You are also given an option to download this Report onto an Excel Spreadsheet.

To access this report, you’d need to:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the ‘View Reports’ icon
  • You’d then be taken to the section where you can view the reports of all the sites that you’ve submitted to till date
  • Click on the webpage for which you’d like to view the report
  • The details of the Social Bookmarks made for that webpage will be displayed below on the same page

7. Do you give an invoice for the order?

We give you an invoice for every order placed. You can view the invoices by clicking on the View Invoice icon in your account page.

8. How would I know if my bookmark has become popular?

The popularity of a bookmark is determined by the number of users that have bookmarked a link publicly. Next to each bookmark, you will see a number which shows how many people have saved it, shared it or voted for it. If the number is high then it indicates that the your web-page has become popular.


The numbers in the above image by the side of the Bookmarks, (148 & 220) indicate the popularity of the respective bookmarks, the latter being the more popular one!

9. Does it improve your rank with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN ?

As your bookmark is shared & voted by more, the traffic to your site increases. As a consequence of the popularity, some people might decide to link to you therefore getting you links to your site, which can help with improving your rankings. You also get links from the bookmarking sites themselves. A few of these links can also help to some extent in improving your rankings.

10. What are titles and descriptions in Social Bookmarking and are they important?

Titles are of the utmost importance in Social Bookmarking because it determines whether the bookmark is going to be popular or not. The title is displayed as the headline of your listing, and has to be enticing enough to get the attention of the reader to make him want to read more. You need a title that is captivating enough to encourage people to click through to your site. Avoid the use of too much exclamation or something too promotional. A good title is one that will tell someone what your page is about and yet be interesting enough for them to want to read more.

A description is a short, yet informative paragraph describing the contents of the page being submitted in brief. It should essentially generate interest and encourage people to click through to the site. Avoid excessive exclamations, promotional text or sales language in the description.

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