Are You Making These 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Posted on January 14, 2015 
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Many organizations are realizing the important role that social media plays in the marketplace today and as such, have started using it as part of their marketing and advertising strategy. While large corporations may have plenty of funds to allocate towards advertising on social platforms, many companies are not seeing the expected rate of return on their hefty social advertising investments.


A lot of business managers have approached social media by marketing their organizations to consumers as a business, as opposed to just simply interacting with consumers as if they were real people. Social networks are meant to be “social”. People want people talking to them; not a faceless corp.

Some organizations have fallen into the trap of talking “at” their consumer base on social platforms in an effort to reach their bottom line, instead of talking “with” their consumer base to genuinely learn more about them. As a result, many organizations are experiencing a lack of interest and interaction, from consumers on social media despite having large followings on many social platforms.

Here are 3 steps business managers can use to begin genuine interaction with consumers to stimulate interest and interaction on social media:

1. Avoid Using Social Media Simply to get More Customers into your Sales Funnel

While every organization is in business to grow its consumer base and generate sales, business managers must realize and remember that business is not always about the bottom line. There are times when business is about setting a good example and being a leader in the marketplace. One way that organizations can lead by example and demonstrate leadership is by giving back to the very community that helps the organization generate revenues.

Businesses can interact with its consumer base across many different social platforms to generate ideas for social causes that its consumers find important and worthy of attention. When consumers see that an organization, particularly a large organization, is ready to listen to them, they are more likely to get involved with the brand socially (translation: More likes, comments, and shares!).

2. Provide Content that Consumers Actually Want to See

Many social media users, whether it is an individual or a business, experience a lack of interaction on social platforms because they fail to post content that their audience finds interesting. An examination of the type of consumers that follow the brand on social media is a vital step in being able to determine what the consumer base desires to see in their social feeds.

Some businesses have as their social media “strategy” to only post advertisements to their social platforms, without realizing that consumers do not wish to follow ads. Consumers wish to follow what is fun, hip, and relevant to their own lives. Business managers must look at what attracted the consumer to their organization in the first place, and provide more of that content via social media.

3. Provide Legitimate Customer Service to Consumers via Social Media

All consumers like to receive a “quick fix” to their problems when they have an issue with an organization. Many consumers assume that since social media is a good way to instantly reach their friends and family directly, that it must also be a good way to reach an organization directly. Regardless of how odd this assumption of being able to instantly contact customer service directly via social media may seem, it is what consumers are expecting.

With that in mind, business managers who allow their business to be reached at all times via social platforms, will begin to see success when it comes to social media interaction with consumers. Companies that provide quick, easy, and friendly customer service via social media will be the companies that consumers are more likely to do business with when the consumer knows they can reach the company at any time via their favorite social network, and actually receive timely response.

These 3 steps are provided with the consumer in mind and from the consumer’s point of view, rather than the organization’s point to view. Social media managers will realize that they are able to gain far more interaction from their consumer base if they are willing to turn their social platforms into places that give only what consumers want. Business today is no longer just about selling and making more profits. It is also about giving to the community that an organization wishes to gain from, and to give in a manner that consumers find desirable.

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