A “Likes”, “Shares” and “Followers” Generation Cheat Sheet

Posted on February 5, 2013 
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In 2013, sending strong social signals comes with so many benefits, that it is almost stupid to ignore social media as part of your marketing strategy. Not many things will bring you

  • Improved rankings in the search engine results page
  • New customers
  • More loyalty in existing customers
  • People who will start talking about your business in real life

…all at once!

However, if you are here because of the title of this post, you are probably already aware of all of that, and you probably just want to know “How do I get more of these social signals?”

Before we get to that, we need to go deeper in the issue. What issue? The issue that we are just seeing these as “numbers”. How many likes, tweets or shares…

facebook likes twitter followers

These social signals… We need to remember that they are from people. It’s a real person who “Likes” a page, a lot like it’s a real person who is reading this post. If I were writing for numbers (instead of for people), this article would be of the same level of quality as the junk that comes out of those “Article Generators”. This article is good (hopefully we share the same opinion!), because I have you (the audience) in mind.

Similarly, in our quest to get more social reputation, we need to have our audience and its best interest in mind.

With that out of the way, let’s see what you, as a business can do for more social results.

Know Your Audience

Know your audienceWith all the talk I made about having your audience in mind above, I had to make this my first point.

If you don’t know your audience, you won’t be able to get their interest. No Interest = No Like, No Share, No Tweet, No Follower.

Let’s use the “muscle building” niche as an example. A lot of the guys interested in muscle building also like MMA, boxing, self-defense, football and hockey. Knowing this increases your chances of making valuable posts and posting cool pictures on your Facebook page (and hence creating more engagement on it).

Take the time to find, curate and create good content. Do your brand or business a favor, and do not use software for this. If you cannot do it yourself, assign the task to another human being, preferably one who is familiar with the niche you are in.

Have a Good Plan  Build a plan

Posting updates about your business every hour is a plan, but it’s a bad one!

Real people do not care about what your business is doing. All they care about (on the social networks) are:

  • Having a good laugh
  • Looking at cool pictures
  • Engaging in a cool (or hot) debate
  • Reading about tips and tricks
  • Having fun

If you want to make social media work for your business, the content you post must provide them with any one of these. Not always, but most of the time. Only then you can afford to throw in a marketing message once in a while (1 – 2 times a day).

Forget about the “Likes” and “Followers”

It may sound like I am repeating myself, but this is the most important message of this entire article. Forget about the numbers.

Focus on Providing Value

This alone will take care of your social marketing. Value will bring in more followers and likes on its own. It will also create more engagement among your existing followers and fans. Personally, I would prefer 150 fans that are super crazy about my product or my brand to 1,500 fans that never talk about anything or like anything I post (resulting in a ‘dead page’).

provide valueWith those 1,500 ‘dead’ fans, I’ll have to work harder to get other page Likes. However, with 150 super-engaged fans, the only thing I’ll have to do is to continue making awesome posts and shares. They are the ones who will bring me more fans by talking about my page, and by having whatever they like and comment on appearing on their friends’ News Feed.

Plus, having engaged fans makes Liking and Sharing and Following more natural, as opposed to “forcing” or “begging” people to perform these actions. If you are a regular Reddit, Imgur or YouTube user, you have probably noticed for yourself how easy it is to “upvote” a post or comment that already has a lot of upvotes. This is what being social is all about. It’s also worth noting that these highly upvoted comments are usually very witty (give a good laugh – provide value), so you know what needs to be done to get the same results!

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