A Guide to Successful Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Posted on July 6, 2015 
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By now, we’ve all heard how valuable (or even essential) social media can be for brands and businesses to interact with customers, engage with a community of people and build relationships with their customers beyond those that happen during normal transactions. These relationships in turn increase both customer loyalty and retention and increase your returns.


The key is to decide where to focus your social media energy. After all, not all social media sites and platforms are created equal so which social media channel makes the most sense for your efforts will differ for each and every business.

One network that has been consistently helping businesses to drive awareness, shape perception, develop relationships and turn their target prospects into leads and customers is LinkedIn. It is the world’s largest professional social network that connects colleagues, businesses and current/potential employees, all the while enabling community development and content sharing.

Available in 24 languages and with more than 364 million members, LinkedIn is a robust network to build authority and establish thought leadership with nearly three times the conversion rate of Facebook or Twitter.

Why Build a Presence for your Business on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network with over 364 million registered users.

2. Two new members are added to LinkedIn every second.

3. The network is a gateway to top results in Google.

4. LinkedIn promotes personal branding. It also, like Google+, lends credibility to brands and businesses.

5. LinkedIn is a trusted platform.

6. It is a robust network for community development and content sharing.

6 ways to Optimize your Content Marketing on LinkedIn to Build Your Brand and Boost Quality Leads

1. Deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right people

Last year, LinkedIn opened up their publishing platform to all members empowering users to post original content, which becomes part of their profile. The challenge is to optimize your content to increase your business reach and impact. For example, if you want to increase engagement on LinkedIn:

– Focus on when to post. The best time is in the morning, Monday through Friday.

– Focus on post frequency. Statistically speaking, 20 status updates a month can help you reach 60% of your unique audience monthly.

– Focus on what to post. LinkedIn members are interested in things like industry insights and new products/services.

– Focus on content type. Increase your LinkedIn engagement by including a link with your post, using strong images, making your headlines clear and compelling and linking to relevant videos.

2. Track Engagement and Make Optimizations Accordingly

Part of the beauty of online marketing is that you can measure nearly everything you do. This is also true when it comes to content marketing on LinkedIn. By measuring and analyzing your engagement with your content on LinkedIn, you can determine which updates received the greatest level of interaction and derive actionable takeaways. You want to do more of what your audience wants and less of what they don’t appreciate. You can also optimize your posting time and frequency as well as the length and type of content you share.

3. Throw Paid Advertising in the Mix

With ads on LinkedIn, you can connect with the world’s largest audience of active professionals and launch your campaigns in minutes. You can find the exact customers you are looking for and control how much you spend. There are no long-term contracts or commitments. You pay by clicks or impressions.

4. Have an Editorial Plan

Content marketers face two big challenges. You need to 1) produce enough content and 2) produce engaging content that gets read. Both these challenges are related to the core problem of coming up with new ideas for content generation. It helps to create an editorial plan so you never run out of subject matter to create timely and engaging content for your audience.

5. Join and Participate in Groups

Groups on LinkedIn provide a place where professionals in the same industry or with similar interests can share content, find answers and establish themselves as industry experts. This makes LinkedIn groups absolutely valuable to increase your influence within a specific industry. It also creates the possibility of sharing ideas and igniting conversations with an already segmented audience that you can target- people already tied to specific interests, industries and demographics.

6. Cross-promote and Encourage Employee Sharing

And finally, to boost your content on LinkedIn, leverage your strongest assets – your employees. By encouraging, for example, re-sharing among employees to curate message across their networks, you can amplify the voice of your brand. Cross-promotion is also another idea worth some consideration. By leveraging your other corporate and social media channels, you can maximize the reach of your content.

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