9 Tools You Can Use to Kick Start Your Video Marketing

Posted on October 1, 2015 
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This year, online video is a huge phenomenon, accounting for 50% of all mobile traffic according to an infographic from HighQ. Obviously, video is quickly becoming one of the primary ways for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs. Correspondingly, brands are developing content strategies that will resonate with consumers with ads in the form of content that people choose to watch.


Translation: In an age of information overload, online videos are naturally engaging and offer brands and businesses tons of opportunities to add value. Whether you’re running a small, local business or heading a global operation, if you ignore online video as a channel of content marketing, you do so at your own peril. Your customers are online, searching for information, recommendations and entertainment in a form that’s easy to digest and if your company is not around to answer, a competitor will be.

In short, for any social media campaign or SEO effort, video is a powerful tool effective for brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement. The challenge is to create compelling videos to bring in new viewers, introduce them to the rest of your content and build a loyal fan base.

9 Awesome Tools You Can Use to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

1. iMovie


iMovie for Mac is perhaps one of the easiest ways to create HD-quality and Hollywood style videos. Just create a movie project and choose the clips you want to use. You can then rearrange, shorten or lengthen the clips and add titles, effects and a soundtrack. And that’s it. It’s a wrap! Send your movie to iMovie Theater to view it.

2. VideoMakerFX


VideoMakerFX is an all-in-one video creator that you can use to make awesome videos in minutes. The software is easy to master and creates all of the top video styles including Whiteboard Style, Explainer Video, Kinetic Typography, Presentations, Photo Slideshows, Logo Opener and so on. It also offers a range of customization options such as text fonts and effects, background customization and animation effects.

3. Screenr


Screenr is a web-based screen recorder that makes it incredibly easy to record and share a screencast. You have nothing to install or download and it is completely free. For businesses that can demonstrate a product or service on a computer, Screenr is a great option.

4. Camtasia


Camtasia by TechSmith is yet another easy-to-use screen recorder that lets you create professional videos without having to be a video pro. With a host of editing tools, it can be used for everything from quick video demos to extensive video projects. Standout features of Camtasia include multi-track timeline, visual effects, green screen effect and animate content.

5. Wideo


Wideo is an animated video creation platform that allows you to create and share professional quality online videos in a simple 4-step process: 1) Inserting objects, backgrounds and shapes or even uploading your images and audio, 2) Animating objects and text to bring your scene to life, 3) Playing with scenes to create a seamless Wideo and 4) Sharing your Wideo in high definition with everyone online.

6. GoAnimate


Another awesome tool to create professional animated videos is GoAnimate with an easy learning curve and simple do-it-yourself tools. The standout features of the video maker include powerful tools at the click of a mouse whether you want to add a character, swap a background or start a scene and a host of styles, settings, props and actions that allow you to tell your story out loud and strike the right tone.

7. Stupeflix


With Stupeflix, you can create free videos up to 20 minutes long. Just add photos, videos, text and music and the editing is done for you with a collection of 16 themes, a music library of 450 tracks and unique power features such as custom transitions, voice-over and slo-mo.

8. Animoto


A lot like Stupeflix, Animoto is a great video maker that turns ordinary photos and video clips into stunning, HD videos. Just pick a style and song, customize using photos, videos and text and produce your video, which you can share easily with everyone on social media and the web in general. For businesses, Animoto represents a fast, easy, flexible and shareable way of producing inexpensive, professional quality videos.

9. Powtoon


Powtoon is a do-it-yourself, online business presentation software that allows you to create professional-quality and awesome animated explainer videos. The tool is popular for its intuitive interface but the free version comes with a watermark and outro. It also does not allow any downloads.

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