7 Sure Shot Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Posted on June 4, 2014 
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Effective communication is never a one-way street. Perhaps this explains the popularity of social media with businesses. Marketing methods used in the past have not been very conducive to back and forth discussions, have they? But social media, that’s a different story. Social media marketing actually thrives on interaction and engagement between a business and its customers. The challenge is to make people feel valued. In social media, you acknowledge the needs and desires of your audience and work towards fulfilling them. More often than not though, getting the conversational ball rolling is easier envisaged than done.


So how can a business increase its Facebook Page engagement?

We’ll get to that in a minute but first, let’s cover how much traffic you can expect from Facebook.

Quick Facts

– Facebook has over 1.5 billion users worldwide

– 699 million people log on Facebook everyday

– 700 billion minutes is spent on Facebook every month

With the right marketing strategy, you can tap into that traffic.

Engagement Tips

1. Posts with Less than 80 Characters Get More Engagement

When it comes to marketing on Facebook, you want your business messages to be short and succinct. Don’t take forever to get to the point and avoid overly long or complex messages. These lessen engagement rates. People don’t want to “read more”.

2. Using Emoticons and Images Increases Comments

Photos and graphic content tend to generate more comments and likes than any other type of content and that includes videos and status updates. So, to increase your Facebook engagement, how about you figure your way around Photoshop and have fun with images. Rather than posting a status update, how about you convert the message into an image or an infographic?

3. Questions Generate More Engagement

Making some of your Facebook posts interactive, for example, by asking a question or posting a “fill in the blank” style post will increase your Facebook engagement. The audience on Facebook reacts extremely well to little quizzes and trivia-type questions. This is a sure-fire way to get people to connect with your business.

4. Informative Content is Not as Desirable as You’d Think

It’s a fact! Informative content, in particular, promotional content that talks about price, deals or product features negatively impact engagement. So the next time you make a post on Facebook, review your message to make sure it’s not purely promotional. Find a way to add an emotional hook so your audience can resonate with the message you are trying to get across and not feel like they are being preyed upon.

To get a better feel of what this means, have a look at what Amazon does. Amazon does an amazing job at using emotional hooks to invoke nostalgia first, and then mentions their deals.

5. Don’t Mention the Holidays

Mentioning the holidays decreases engagement. This has nothing to do with the holidays per se. It’s more like everyone tries to tap into the interest and hype that usually surrounds Halloween or Christmas. The result is a saturation that dulls the effectiveness of any holiday message.

But if you do it in moderation or you try to come up with a new angle when talking about the holidays, it might just work.

6. Post Frequently, But Not Too Much

For social media marketing, you need to determine an appropriate frequency at which to make posts to keep your followers hooked, without overwhelming them with too much content. To that end, you’ll need to test your audience to see what posting frequency generates the most engagement. The ideal amount of content to post is every other day (depending on your niche). Also, you want to post content at a time when your audience is active on the social network. So in addition to determining posting frequency for optimized engagement on Facebook, you also want to think about posting times.

7. Persuasive Content is the Best

Content that works to build relationships generates the highest levels of engagement. This can be emotional content or something philanthropic.

This basically means that any content you create, make it a point to showcase your business values and brand personality. Form an emotional connection with your audience by sharing interesting facts, creating empathy and sharing personal messages. If your audience can relate to your content, you’ll bring together a community.

In summary

Fans and followers return to where they feel welcomed and valued. Making it easy for people to engage with your business can increase Facebook engagement. Remember this: Ease and convenience rule modern life and this is especially true when it comes to social media marketing.

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