6 Ways to Get Content Ideas from Quora

Posted on March 12, 2015 
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Take a second and imagine that you are in front of your target audience. You have a very short span of time to keep their attention. This is a situation similar to speed dating, except that you have to send your message to everyone at once and try to win as many people as possible on your side, because right after you are done, your main competitor will try to attract them.


From the moment visitors land on your website, they are found in a similar situation and that’s why you will hear many internet marketing experts repeating the words of Bill Gates – Content is King. However, the creation of content that will attract exactly the groups of people who need to view those messages has never been more demanding.

Competition is forcing content creators to come up with new stuff all the time. This means that in order to run a successful website you have to come up with some great blog ideas and content. A brief search on the Internet can make you feel like all the ideas in every possible industry has been exploited…but that’s not true!

The reasoning behind this conclusion is simple – there are still many question-and-answer websites that are very popular. People have questions and they can’t find answers in the articles found on the Internet.

A good example is Quora. Quora is actually an online collection of user created questions and answers that can be edited and organized by each user. Their main goal is to become the best possible source for anyone who has an issue or question and that each question becomes a collection of the best answers to that question. The users themselves vote for the best answer and in this way they rank the best answers.

Using Quora to Generate Blog Ideas & Content

Thanks to the system used by Quora you can easily find hot topics. The questions that have many answers are usually ranked higher and they are also ranked by the views. What makes Quora different from other similar services is the fact that people are looking for some specific answers that can usually be answered by experts, scientists and people who have a lot of experience in those fields.

1. Since the questions are grouped by areas, you should focus on the questions related to your niche. You will find many interesting questions and even more interesting answers that should be enough to construct a skeleton for your blog post or simply give you an idea

give you an idea
for a topic that you can develop. You can use the questions to generate headlines, but you should never copy/paste those questions or the answers because this is bad for SEO.

2. Another good idea is to become part of this online community, because Quora has a vibrant community and people who are always ready to share ideas and communicate with each other. You can find many interesting people who can provide ideas for your future blog posts.

3. Sometimes we have certain ideas for blog posts, but we are not sure if the audience will accept these topics. This is where Quora comes into play. You can create a question from your topic, post it on Quora and see the responses. The number of responses and the people who will respond will tell you if the question/topic is engaging enough.

4. You can also use Quora in order to increase the relevance and authority of your content by quoting experts’ answers. As we have mentioned before there are many experts and professionals who are active in the community. This is a good way to add references at the end of your article.

5. Becoming an active member on Quora can also be beneficial, because by participating in the discussions and by providing good answers you will be encouraged to read information from different sources and ultimately get blog ideas.

6. Finally, you can use Quora to drive traffic to your blog. When you turn the idea that you get from a question on Quora into a blog post then you can get back to Quora and provide an answer (short version of your article) with a link to your blog post.

As you can see there is more than one way in which you can use Quora in order to generate unique blog ideas and content and spending some time on it on a daily basis will definitely bring benefits to you and your website.

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