6 Tips to Effectively Use Social Media for Holiday Marketing

Posted on December 11, 2012 
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While it’s probably a little too early to start celebrating, the fact is it’s never too early to plan for a successful holiday promotion for your business. While the ‘business big guns’ are unleashing their onslaught of marketing on television, magazines, billboards, radio and newspapers, the small guys like us need to be much smarter and more nimble at this time of year, and social media is just the thing to make that happen.

Social Media for Holiday Marketing

It’s that time of the year where people are thinking about gifts, the ones they care about and of course, their most valued clients. People are more outgoing, happy and in a giving mood so it makes sense to take advantage of the festivity by extending that energy to your social media campaigns.

Here are some ideas to make the most of it by doing things a little differently to everyone else:

1. Look The Part

A really obvious but very effective idea is to change your social media backgrounds to reflect the Christmas spirit. This is a really easy and quick way to inject some character and fun into your messaging, especially on your Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts. Your clients and followers will get a kick out of it too! You can find some really excellent background templates of Christmas-themed graphics with tinsel, Christmas trees and Santa Claus by doing some searches on Google. Many of them are even free.

2. Promote!

If you sell products then it’s a great time to run a contest or promotion as you will most likely sell a ton. Just make sure you wrap up your promotion or contest at least a week before Christmas to eliminate any stress that last-minute shipping can bring. You definitely don’t want your customers getting their presents late!

3. Give Generously

This is also a perfect time to give back to the community in any way that you truly believe in. Why not donate 10% of your sales of a specific product or service to your favorite charity? Then you can rally your following to help support your cause at the same time. This is a great win-win situation because you bring good karma to your business, make extra sales, do good for others and bolster your reputation.

4. Build Excitement

The ideal way to roll out your marketing is to build momentum to a fever pitch. You need to do this by being really consistent and that means – planning. Create a schedule and break down exactly what you want to do week-by-week leading up to Christmas. If you’re running a competition or promotion, put it on the schedule. If you’re going to give out a free recipe e-book put it on the schedule too. This way you take away a lot of the stress and your efforts will be much more effective.  Obviously you should have everything wrapped up at least 5 days before Christmas.

5. Get Inside Their Heads

Another very important concepts that many people neglect is to truly understand what your followers want over the Christmas period. While this is always an important factor to be aware of, it’s even more so over the holiday period. Consider sending out a survey or asking questions on your social media channels to get lots of customer feedback and data as this will help you narrow down exactly what your followers are thinking and more importantly, what they’re dreaming about. If everyone on your list is thinking about buying an iPhone 5 you could run a perfectly-timed competition giving away a few iPhone 5s which could drive exponentially more business than the phones would cost you.

6. If It Ain’t Broke

Perhaps most important is to not forget what worked last year. So many people get caught up in the latest social media trend or promotional idea that they forget that customers and basic buyer behavior never, ever changes. Did you do something last year that was really effective? Then why not do exactly the same thing (but with a little twist to keep it interesting) and get similar results this time?

If you follow these tips you will no doubt have a smashingly successful holiday season with all the sales you could possibly handle. But remember, it’s not all about the money so have fun, connect with your market and more importantly give, give, give!

Happy holidays!


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