6 Cool WordPress Plugins to Gather User Feedback

Posted on July 31, 2015 
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In the world of online marketing, there are, give or take, five common business objectives:

1. Selling products and/or services
2. Collecting user information to later connect with potential leads
3. Encouraging frequent visits and engagement
4. Driving awareness and loyalty
5. Reaching customers at the very moment that they are searching for the things you offer on the search engines

To help them take the guesswork out of their marketing, businesses use a number of analytics software so they can reach relevant customers to grow sales and increase their bottom line.


In effect, analytics and data gives us access to all sorts of insights into what our customers want from our business so we can derive actionable takeaways. But here is the thing: Don’t you wish sometimes that you could get these information straight from your customers without all the tracking, measuring and analysis?

This is the value of customer feedback!

Successfully using customer feedback is a must for any business looking to provide users with what they need. It also informs your marketing efforts and can, down the line, influence your product roadmap. Some ways businesses collect customer feedback include social listening, comment boxes, direct outreach via exploratory interviews, surveys, emails and usability tests.

Another way to gather user feedback, if you’re using WordPress, is to use a good plugin. In this post, we’ll talk about six plugins that you can use to facilitate your interaction with your customers and learn what you are doing right and what could be improved.

1. Total Feedback


If you want to know what your visitors think of your business and/or ecommerce website and reveal any weaknesses that your analytics software is not catching, Total Feedback offers a complete suite of features to gather feedback from your website visitors. It helps you create an unlimited number of unobstructive polls and viewing poll analytics so you can increase conversions and make smart decisions based on real visitor input.

2. JotForm Feedback Button


When it comes to getting feedback from your website visitors, few things beat the practicality of a feedback button. The primary advantage of feedback buttons is that visitors can send you a message without leaving the page they are on. This improves both the quantity and quality of the feedback you receive. The JotForm Feedback Button WordPress plugin is powered by JotForm. It displays an attractive button on the side of your blog. When clicked on, a feedback form pops up. The plugin is fully customizable.

3. Usernoise modal feedback


A WordPress plugin to create contact forms with a flexible and smooth interface, Usernoise modal feedback / contact form is available in free and premium versions. Both versions offer features like custom Feedback buttons with lots and lots of options. When clicked on, the button opens a lightbox window where visitors can leave you a message. Usernoise Pro adds even more features but even the free version can make a great addition to any website. Feedback can be categorized under “Idea”, “Question”, “Problem” or “Praise”.

4. Qeryz


If you need a survey tool to gather more data from your visitors, Qeryz eliminates the guesswork when it comes to knowing your traffic. With Qeryz, you can create surveys in different formats – multiple choice, checkbox, scale or a simple text area. You can also create multi-part surveys and craft your chain of questions. Basically, depending on the responses you get from customers, you can choose what the next survey question or call-to-action will be. This is a powerful feature to acquire valuable customer insights through your WordPress site.

5. WebEngage



WebEngage is an on-site customer engagement suite for your website that helps you get feedback and resolve support queries. You can also conduct short surveys and display notification messages either to offer a discount code or push a feature update message to your visitors. Features of the plugin are as follows:

  • Collect insights from visitors by creating specific questionnaires for your target audience
  • Customize the “Feedback” tab to your site with custom fields and automatic screengrab features
  • Manage all your feedback threads from your WebEngage dashboard
  • Create surveys that you can target based on a number of parameters including visitor geography, first-time-visitors and so on
  • Create personalized push messages and tweak your notification to optimize CTR

6. Surveys by Feedback Cat


And finally, for bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketers wanting to gather user and customer feedback

gather user and customer feedback
, Feedback Cat is a good WordPress plugin that lets you create surveys and get direct user feedback. Feedback Cat is very easy to use and is a 100% free and open-source WordPress plugin. All user feedback is sent straight to your inbox. Using on-page surveys to gather feedback and make better business decisions has never been easier.

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