4 Tips For increased Social Trust and Credibility

Posted on January 17, 2013 
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When most people start a business they begin with things like getting a logo designed, getting business cards printed, coming up with a mission statement, making a website, brand positioning and creating social media profiles.

That’s all good stuff!

However, for many this is usually as far as it goes with visitors not really spending time on your site, opting into email lists, buying products or spreading the word.

What could possibly be wrong?

On the outside everything looks great. You have the design, branding and image but for some reason people don’t trust you yet. This is called the social trust factor.

As you know, just like in life with friendships and relationships, it takes time to build up trust with people. We are emotional creatures and rely far more on word-of-mouth, referrals, opinions and our own perceptions than we do some flashy branding and graphic design. This type of reputation takes time to cultivate and is not something that just springs up overnight.

Building Social Trust

You have to earn it.

However that’s not to say it’s going to take forever. There are some proven steps you can take to make sure your business wins over the hearts and minds of your customers quickly and efficiently growing your market share over the coming years.

Here are just a few of the credibility factors you can cultivate to swiftly move ahead of your competition and win boatloads of trust:

1. Authority

Being AuthoritativeThese days it’s impossible to trick people into believing you’re an expert in your chosen topic if you’re not. You literally have to become an expert and authority in your market. Social media fakes are quickly weeded out so you need to be honest and true in everything you do. Make sure your content is the best in your market, write insightful and deep blog posts and backup everything you claim with testimonials, references, authority endorsements and you’ll be just fine.

2. Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most powerful ways to show people you’re serious. While some people have a negative connotation with this term it’s actually just about being honest. If thousands of people are raving about your services then you must show the world what they are saying. Don’t hesitate to collect written and video testimonials, reference any authorities you work with, write guest posts for other big blogs in your niche, publish white papers, write ebooks and build up a large, thriving social community on your chosen social networks.

3. Great Content great content

It almost goes without saying, but in this day and age you really need to deliver the goods when it comes to the content you publish on your website. The fact is you’re in business because you know something that other people are willing to pay for. So express your expertise by writing content that is more insightful, engaging, interesting and most importantly, more helpful than any of the other blogs in your industry. Do this and you’ll soon find yourself as one of the leading thought leaders with many opportunities opening up for you.

4. Honesty

HonestyThis is quite possibly one of the biggest triggers to gaining trust from someone. Honesty is one of the rarest qualities in people these days because it seems like everyone has something to hide. The fact is we are actually dying for people to just be honest even if the truth is scary. We would rather know the truth even if it’s bad than be told a nice-sounding lie. So don’t be afraid to truly express your personal opinions and feelings about your industry, products, people or services and their quirky idiosyncrasies. People are dying for brutal honesty so the more you can share it in your content the more people will appreciate it.

Just as an exercise, the next time you’re reading your favorite blog, notice how they effortlessly integrate all these tactics and principles into their writing. Not only do they pull this off on a surface-level, but these principles tend to permeate the entire culture of their business and even make up their core mission. They understand what people truly value because as you know, people will only buy if they know, like and trust you.

So incorporate these into your own business and you’ll notice your results start skyrocketing.

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