4 Steps To Successful Strategic Social Marketing For Small Businesses

Posted on March 22, 2013 
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social media marketingThere is a common misconception among businesses that only the global brands can benefit from strategic social media marketing, the rationale being that only the big enterprise organizations have the resources and people to pursue new ideas and afford success.

So the big businesses have:

1. Millions of followers and fans,

2. They generate more likes and comments and

3. They have the resources to invest in quality and engaging content including infographics and videos.

What do the small businesses have?

None of the above?


But small businesses have an incredible advantage over the big brands. That’s the ability to adapt more quickly to changing social media trends and with far less investment.

So ultimately, what is it that determines social media success?

The answer is: A business’s ability to answer the question ‘why’.

– Why are you on the social media networks?

– Why will people connect with you?

– Why do you hope to benefit from a social media presence?

– Why will an active online engagement impact your business?

The truth is, social media programs today are way too focused on technology and barely any thought is given to actually providing value to match the expectations of the target audience on the social networks.

That right there is basically the problem. What about the solution?

To help you expand the impact of your brand and overtake even the most seasoned players of the social media platforms, we’ve outlined a multiple-step approach to strategic social media marketing. Walking through it taking things one at a time will help you develop a relevant and successful social media presence.

4 steps to Developing a Successful Social Media Presence

1. Do Your Homework Seriously social media homework

Before you get started with the social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, take the time to research and understand the current market trends, narrow down on the most relevant segments and identify the key players of your niche that matter most to you.

– Sort in order of priority the social networks. It can get difficult to be omnipresent.

– Dissect the subtle patterns on the different networks.

– Observe and study the current themes used by your competitors.

Note: You don’t always have to be the copycat. Also pay attention to what other people are neglecting to say or share on social media and use this ace up your sleeve to stand out from the crowd.

2. Define the Persona You Want to Project on the Social Media Networks

define social media marketing strategyIn social media, it is important for people who connect with you to understand who you are and how you are different from your competitors.

– Clearly define the persona you want people to see on the social networks

– Portray what you stand for and what your brand is all about.

– Define what it is that you are offering: a unique service, the solution to a common problem, a product superior to others in the market. Define what value you are adding to the market.

– Establish why you are different from your competitors.

Note: Refrain from overly selling yourself. It is not a pretty sight.

3. Make Your Social Presence Matter Make Your Social Presence Matter

For social media success, you need to have a vision.

– How are you going to use social media to expand the reach of your business?

– What should success look like on the different networks?

– Establish an editorial strategy to reinforce your social media goals.

– Decide on the type of content you want to share with your audience.

Note: In addition to maintaining a professional persona, you should also find a way to connect with your audience on a more personal level recurrently. It should not always be all about business.

4. Nurture Your Social Media Presence in the Different Communities You Join

social media huddleSocial media success comes at a price. It is not enough to join Facebook or Twitter or Google+ and sharing content that either you generated or you curated from other online sources.

– Invest time and resources in your community.

– Share your professional insights in your community to reach a target audience that extends beyond your fans and followers.

– Identify and connect with the big players of your niche.

– Establish a linked meshwork of resources by linking to pages other than your own and other people in your niche.

The potential of social media is immense and it provides great opportunities for any small business to rise from the bottom to the top and build a strong social presence. Success is assured if you master the art of social media marketing and use it in a smarter way. So, make sure you have an active presence where your customers are located and start engaging with them and making them feel valued.

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