4 Facebook Best Practices to Promote Your Content

Posted on October 8, 2015 
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From connecting friends and family members to bridging the gap between brands and their customers, since its inception in 2004, Facebook has become a way for people to communicate and interact online. This makes marketing on Facebook a powerful and efficient way to:

  • Drive online sales
  • Increase local sales
  • Promote your mobile app
  • And raise brand awareness

In essence, Facebook connects businesses with people, helping you build lasting relationships with people beyond those that happen during normal transactions. These relationships, in turn, help in keeping customers coming back and increase both customer loyalty and retention.


The challenge is that, as more and more brands jump on the social network, the noise level for individual users increases. To stand out from the crowd, brands need to be unique and remarkable. A big part of doing this successfully is knowing how to promote your content on Facebook to ensure that it is seen.

Tips & Best Practices for Promoting your Content on Facebook

On Facebook, you can use your Page to bring your business to life. The trick is to choose what kind of content to publish, how to share and publish your content and earn familiarity, trust and likeability in your community.

1. Connect with Words, Pictures and Videos

Everything you post on Facebook is content. By using the right combination of images, videos and alluring copy, you can add value with very piece of content you post and get your audience interested. To create engaging Facebook content, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use high quality photos to graphically represent your products and services
  • Keep your text-only posts short and instructive
  • Avoid content limited to promotional updates with phrases such as “buy now” and “shop now”
  • Post with some sort of media attached, be it a Vine video or infographic

In short, your Facebook Page should be a beautiful mix of different types of content including text-only posts, Vine videos, links to useful articles and graphics.

2. Post Consistently

Also related to the success of your content on Facebook is when and how you post it. In particular, your Facebook audience expects you to be consistent in:

  • The times of day you post
  • How often you post
  • The quality and types of posts you create
  • And how you engage with them

To help you create an unending stream of interesting and fresh content, consider using a content calendar so you can plan your content ahead of time and make sure that the posts use a similar voice. At this point, it’s also worth mentioning that, for maximum reach and impact, consider posting content at a time of day your fans and followers are most active. At the same time, if your goal is to improve your Facebook’s organic reach, post at non-peak times. The rationale is that when there is little else being shared online, your content is more likely to stand out.

3. Engage with Your Community

Next up, to earn familiarity, trust and likeability in your community, you need to be present and make your audience feel important. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask for their opinion on things and/or add a relevant question to your posts. At the same time, building a reputation on Facebook also means that you need to be human and engage with people to give them a reason to invest in the relationship. For example, you need to:

  • Answer all comments
  • Enjoy a joke now and again
  • Take advantage of groups on Facebook to initiate and/or join relevant conversations
  • Offer assistance and answer questions to help people
  • Strive to make every person you interact with feel important and intelligent
  • And listen intently in the face of a crisis to subsequently correct whatever wrong has been done

4. Target your Posts and Boost the Important Ones

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve by posting on Facebook, you may want to post something that will interest a particular demographic. To control who sees a post:

  • Find “Settings” at the top of your Page
  • Select “Post Targeting and Privacy” and check the box
  • Create your post
  • When you’re done, click on the target icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click “Add Targeting” to refine your targeting in terms of gender, location and so on
  • Click “Post”

To increase the reach and impact of important posts, use Facebook’s Boosted Posts feature by clicking “Boost” at the bottom of an existing or new post. Boosting posts is an effective, simple and inexpensive way to get more exposure for your content.

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