Stuck for Tweets? These 30 Tweets Can Help Get You Started

Posted on July 5, 2012 
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twitter to get started

Having trouble coming up with things to tweet? Try one of these thirty tweets!

  1. Let people know what’s coming up in your product lines.
  2. Make a big announcement: Events, new promotions, new products, etc.
  3. Ask a question. Make it fun and simple. Tie it in with your brand if possible, but it’s perfectly OK to ask random unrelated questions.
  4. Share news. If a new technology is invented or if a bombshell drops in your industry, be a conduit for news and help people figure out what’s going on.
  5. Do surveys. What could you do better? What do people like? What don’t they like?
  6. Create or promote a seminar or conference. Use Twitter to promote it.
  7. Make a clever joke about something. Or just post something spontaneous.
  8. Share your thoughts about an event, live as it’s going on. What’s great and what’s not great? What are you learning? Who’s there that you didn’t expect to see? Event blogging can also help build backlinks.
  9. Help people prepare for events as they come up. For instance, if a large marketing conference is coming up, tweet tips about how people can get the most out of attending.
  10. Pick a problem and tweet out a solution to that problem. Or tweet out a link that contains a solution to that problem.
  11. Give your personal take on what’s going on in your industry right now. How would you do things differently? Are there pitfalls people need to be aware of? You can even use these trending topics to build backlinks.
  12. If something out of the ordinary happens, talk about it.
  13. Do a special promotion. Are you giving 20% off for last season’s goods? Make sure people know about it. Take care not to sell to your followers too often, but as long as the rest of your content is good most people won’t mind a sales message here and there.
  14. Ask a question. What’s your customers’ opinion on something? How would they run your company better? What features do they want in future updates?
  15. Are you hiring? If so, let people know what positions are open. What kind of people are you looking for? What’s the company’s culture like? Twitter is a fantastic way to get top notch applicants.
  16. Tweet out a blog post that you’re proud of. If you write a particularly good post, why not share it with your Twitter audience?
  17. Thank your followers. You can even thank them by name!
  18. Acknowledge your employees publically. If someone coded a particularly good update or provided A+ service, a public thank you can go a long ways.
  19. Look for hashtags in your industry that are getting a lot of action. Join in the discussion.
  20. Host a chat using Twitter hashtags. This can be a great way to get a debate going and garner a lot of attention in a short period of time.
  21. Make a recommendation about who to follow. This is generally done on Fridays and is called “Follow Friday.” Look for people that your audience would love and share their name.
  22. Give tips on how to use your product. If there are little known features they can take advantage of, post them on Twitter.
  23. Argue with industry analysts. If you run an SEO blog for example and another SEO expert comes out with a controversial opinion, chime in about why they’re right or wrong.
  24. Give out a coupon only on Twitter. This can be a great way to figure out how many people are actually responding from Twitter.
  25. Say “Hi” every morning. When you wake up, just a quick “Morning Peeps!” or something of the sort is a great way to open the conversation.
  26. Look for trending hashtags and see if you can tie it back to your brand.
  27. Look at Google Trends and the news to see what topics are hot right now. See if you can tie it with your brand.
  28. Do a search for people talking about you without @mentions. Respond to them and start a discussion.
  29. Create a list of people. These could be the best bloggers in your industry, the top employees, best customers, whoever you want. Then make it public. It’s a great way to garner goodwill.
  30. Tweet something off topic. For example, if something crazy happened in the office, share it. Don’t do this too often, but every once in a while it can help you build connection with your readers.

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