A Quick Guide to Copywriting for Social Media

To understand copywriting for social media, perhaps you first need to understand what copywriting is and more importantly, how it differs from content marketing, with which, it is often associated, interchangeably used or confused for. In truth, copywriting and content marketing are not at all synonymous with one another but businesses do have to get both concepts home and right to bring in new customers and at the same time, enjoy success.


Basically, content marketing is a strategy of producing and publishing information with a marketing purpose. The content builds trust and authority among potential customers and drives sales without resorting to actual “hard sell” tactics. In contrast, copywriting, which is used for landing pages, sales pages, and infomercials is producing content striking and compelling enough to make readers take a specific action whether you want them to make a purchase, opt in for an e-mail newsletter or go in store to check out a new product.

Now in social media, copywriting has a very special place. Why? Because whether we are talking about Facebook wall posts, Twitter messages or YouTube video descriptions, you only have so many characters in which to fit your message and the message needs to be powerful enough to make people on the social networks either

1. Click
2. Share
3. Or Respond
4. Or any combination thereof

Also you need to account for the fact that in social media, communication is now two-way or more. Gone are the days when you could get away with business messages like “ Product X rocks. Get it and it will be your best buy this year and your best friend for as long as you live!” Remember that on social media sites, your customers get to respond to what you post and if you post a message like the one above, you’ll probably end up getting a “Bullshit!” thrown your way. Your message needs to be more human and should resonate with your target audience.

About Effective Copywriting for Social Media

If none of your Facebook fans and Twitter followers are clicking on your links and no one is commenting on your posts and/or sharing them, chances are, your copy sucks. It could be something else but for sure the first thing you need to re-evaluate is your copywriting. Probably a few tweaks are in order! To get more attention on social media:

1. Every Product has a Unique Personality, Fully Understand What you’re Selling

For any copywriting project, the first task is to know exactly what you’re selling. Know your product inside out because your unique selling proposition is what will differentiate you from your competitors and the crowd on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

2. Focus on the Benefits of your Product just a Little More than on the Features

Because of the distinction between the purpose of content marketing and copywriting, when you’re crafting a copy to post on social media about your business or product, highlight the benefits of it in terms of the needs, wants and emotions of your readers. Such a message will resonate with readers more and impact them. Read more

Getting People to Like, Tweet & +1 Your Content

If you want to generate more traffic to your website and get more attention and higher rankings in the SERPs for your content, sometimes it takes more than creating quality content and hitting the publish button. One thing that is starting to have a huge and significant impact on these goals is social media. After all, Facebook has over 1.3 billion users, and a few hundred million people are spread across other popular social networks like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and lately Instagram.


As such, if you want to reach and impact more people, increasing the number of social shares for your content is definitely something worth considering. Think about it: If you create and publish a post that gets 500 Facebook likes, 400 tweets and 200 +1s and you do this consistently, how much traffic to your website does this translate to and how much of a bump those posts will get up the SERPs?

The question is, how can you get people to share your content across the social media sites? Let’s look at 4 ways in which you can do this.

4 Ways to Get More Shares across Social Media

1. Make it Easy for People to Share your Content

If you want more social shares for your content, make your social sharing buttons obvious by placing them in prime real estate. For example, you can use a dynamic and customizable vertical box that contains buttons and/or links to the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit and which scrolls up and down a post to match the scrolling of readers. Alternatively, social sharing buttons at the end of posts is also very effective.

2. Encourage your Readers to Share your Content

Here is the deal: Most people, when they read something online, won’t immediately think “I want to share this”. You have to spell it out for them. Sometimes a few simple words strung together like “Please RT” can generate 3 times or 4 times as many retweets as you would get without such a call to action, a fact demonstrated to best effect by the studies and experiments outlined by Dan Zarrella in this post on copyblogger.com.

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