How to Use Google+ & Twitter To Gain More Customers

The Evolution of Publicity

If someone attempted to define publicity, it would go something like this: Publicity is the deliberate attempt to drive the public perception of a subject in a specific direction, attracting media attention and increasing the reach and impact of a business.


 Before Social Media, Publicity took Several Forms:

– Event sponsorship

– Press conferences

– Polls and surveys

– Invent an award and subsequently give it away

– Ribbon cutting

Admittedly, these remain very successful forms of publicity generation but from a digital marketing perspective, today marketers have many more interactive publicity opportunities that arise in the social media news streams. These include the social media PR venues like Twitter Chats and Google+ Hangouts.

Twitter Chats


Twitter chats are real-time, interactive conversations happening on Twitter at any point in time. They revolve around one unique hashtag. This hashtag allows people to follow the discussion and participate in it. Like any traditional talk show or morning show, the conversation has a host, a guest and an audience of attendees.

The Publicity Benefits of Twitter Chats are Multiple.

– Large-scale exposure of your brand to a focused audience

– You build meaningful rapports with influencers of your industry

– Media attention

– You establish authority in your field of expertise

– Real-time feedback from the media and influencers

– You might just be extended an invite to speak or write for a media outlet

The key to gaining influence via Twitter chats is to find the right chats. To that end, look for Twitter chats in the right places.

– Pay attention to chats mentioned by people you follow

– Important chats are often quoted in media publications

– Follow chats curated by others

– You can organize a Twitter chat yourself using Twubs and TweetChat

Hosting a Twitter chat is a networking and promotional tool of considerable power. You promote your social media presence, you get instant feedback and you create a community around your business

create a community around your business

To Host a Twitter Chat:

1. Understand how it works: Participate in a few Twitter chats before.

2. You need a plan: The hashtag is what pulls the whole thing together. Also arrange the day and time.

3. Announce and promote your chat: Use all available media. People will promote an event if you give them rich media.

4. Run the chat: Start with a welcome introduction, announce your chat topic, tweet your own thoughts and ideas, ask questions and so on and so forth.

5. Summarize, archive and analyze: Create transcripts of your tweets. Archive your chat.

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How To Use Foursquare To Connect With Your Customers

Foursquare at a glance

– Foursquare is a phone app. It is also a website

– It connects businesses to people

– People use Foursquare to find places based on what other people and experts recommend

– They also check in when they visit places and leave behind reviews to help other people

– With tools to help businesses get found online, as a business owner, you can use Foursquare to connect with your customers.

More about Foursquare, the phone app and website


If you are new to Foursquare, the phone app or even the website, there are basically three things that you want to be familiar with.

1. Explore

Currently, approximately 35 million people use Foursquare to find places to go. The way to do this is to use the search bar of the app. You can then access the business listings popular on Foursquare to find information about different places including what people love about these places, the opening hours and photos.

2. Social Map

The Social Map of Foursquare allows people to explore a geographical area. Using the map view you can visualize and click on places that your friends have been to or that industry experts recommend such as the best places to eat or shop nearby.

3. Happening Nearby

At any point in time, Foursquare allows its users to see what’s happening nearby. For example, using the phone app, you can see where your friends checked in recently or which business close to where you are has something special going on.

The best way to discover Foursquare is, of course, to download it and use it.

Foursquare for Business

The primary focus of any business is targeting people and finding customers. Foursquare delivers more of them to you. With Foursquare, you can:

Manage your Business Listing

Foursquare boasts millions of business listings. These listings are all submitted by real people who visit places and leave behind tips about them. Chances are, your business is already on Foursquare. Just download the app and sign up to claim control of your business listing making sure that all information is both complete and accurate.

Engage with your Customers

Foursquare is free marketing tool that you can use to engage with your customers. Use it to share news about your business, promote events and offer discounts with Foursquare Local Updates.

Monitor How your Business is Doing

Foursquare has a free analytics tool, which you can use to monitor the customers checking in to your business. You can find out who they are, when they visited and also what they are saying about you across the different social networks.

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YouTube Advertising Crash Course

YouTube videos get more than 1 billion views per day. Undeniably, more and more people are turning to YouTube everyday; whether it’s for entertainment, news or even makeup tips. Smart Internet marketers identified this opportunity some time back and now even Fortune 500 companies, who earlier would have stuck to conventional modes of advertising, have started taking YouTube ads seriously.


People aren’t going to stop watching YouTube videos anytime soon and any marketer that ignores this medium of advertising is doing himself and his clients a huge disfavor in the long run. Starting to panic that you’re still not in that game? Worry not, we’ll smooth out your initiation and discuss virtually everything you need to know about starting a YouTube advertising campaign.

To start with there are 2 kind of ad campaigns that you can run on YouTube. Regular ads and Video ads.

Regular ads are simply banner and rich media ads, something like AdWords. These are the ads that you see towards the right of a video or in the form of an overlay banner on top of the video. This form of advertising is very prevalent but not so effective. No one likes banners on top of their video and YouTube gives the viewer an option to close the overlay ad whenever they want. As for the sidebar ad, unless your rich-media content is really interesting, the ad is very likely to go un-noticed. Let’s not forget that the viewer’s prime intention is to watch their video and they are less likely to focus on any other elements of the page.


In-video ad and banner ad to the right

The second kind of ads and by far the more popular ones are the video ads. As a YouTube advertiser you have the option of four kinds of video ads.

– TrueView In-stream

These are very much like TV ads that play before a show starts. YouTube shows the visitor 5 seconds of your ad after which they have an option to skip it. You only pay for it if the viewer watches your whole ad or at least 30 seconds of it, whichever is less. If they skip the video after 5 seconds then you don’t pay a dime.


– TrueView In-Slate

In Slate ads appear only on videos that are 10 minutes or longer. YouTube gives the visitors 2 options- Either watch one of three ads in the beginning or go through regular commercial breaks during their video. You only pay for this when the viewer chooses to watch your video ad.


– TrueView In-Search

They are exactly like AdWords ads that we see on Google search result pages and appear above or towards the right of YouTube search results. Much like AdWords, you only pay for this if the viewer clicks on your ad.


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How to Increase Social Media ROI | 6 Tips

Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become extremely important for most businesses to become a successful online brand. A question often asked by marketers in social media conferences and events is about the ROI on social media investments. While measuring the social media ROI is not an easy task (its another topic altogether), these tips will certainly help you improve your social media marketing ROI.


1. The Humanization of Brands

Build-a-brandConsumers today are very active on the social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This perhaps explains the reason why brands today want to engage with their prospects through social media.

In 2012, the most important thing that digital marketers learnt about social media marketing is this: For success on the social media sites, you need to humanize your brand. You need to find a way to connect to people. On the social sites today, people choose what they like and who they want to interact with. The interaction is more often than not personal.

So basically, if you use social media to drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate, you need to get up close and personal with your fans and followers to make them feel like they belong. You need to be more than a brand. You need to be a name, a face and an authority figure. Share relevant links, photos and videos. Let people in on some behind-the-scene action. Build an online business community around your brand.

2. Engagement brand-engagement

In addition to having a great persona on the social sites, you also need to engage with your fans and followers. Without engagement, there is only so far you will get in terms of social media success. Without a good and workable engagement strategy, you will nullify the effect of your social media campaign.

So engagement is important but what does it imply exactly? What does engagement on the social media sites include? Does posting an update everyday count as engagement? Do redirecting people to useful resources count as engagement?

On the social media sites, engagement does not have a clear-cut definition but it includes the following:

– Reaching out to people by showing an interest in what they have to share

– Providing real value in the community by participating in discussions

– Being generous in sharing resources

– Always having the right answers ready for your fans and followers should they have any query

– Asking for feedback

– Dealing with positive but also negative feedback with good social skills

3. Transparency

On the social media sites, people put a premium on things like transparency and honesty. In the past, brands have made the mistake of providing fake profile information and misrepresenting themselves to be something they are not. Even today, the social sites are littered with fake profiles and inaccurate information.

If you want to connect with people, be a brand that people can trust to be honest. Be transparent.

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